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Warning! The Truth About Weight Gain!

The odds of becoming obese and even diabetic are stacked against you.

ticking alarm clock The world has done everything it can to make you gain weight. The food companies have placed fat-provoking processed ingredients in every product they can. The economy has squeezed all the money out of your budget for healthy food. Work has demanded more hours from you just so you can keep your job. Between processed food and stress, you find yourself overweight, unhealthy, and perhaps pre-diabetic if not already diabetic.

Once you’ve gained 30 pounds, they’ve got you. All that requires is you overeating 60 calories per day for 5 years. Who’ll notice?  But it’s enough to activate your genes for type 2 diabetes and bring on the entire cascade of problems from metabolic syndrome: high cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and belly fat.

But if you have diabetes, several studies have shown you can control it better with as little as a 7% weight reduction.

Mind you, 7% weight loss is not a lot.

This is a common first step doctor’s give you. If you’re unable, they may prescribe diabetes medication. However, some diabetes medications make weight loss harder, others easier. Winding up on a drug called a sulfonylurea or TZD for example can lock you out of your ability to control your disease more and more through weight loss. In contrast, taking Metformin or Byetta can make weight loss easier.

Sounds good right? Well what if you don’t change your lifestyle at all, and count on the medication to do all the work for you? You barely lose any weight – that’s what happens. In the end, controlling your diabetes is going to come down to controlling what you eat, medications or not.

How much better off would you be if you accepted this fact from the get go, and began your diabetes treatment with diet and exercise?

  • You’d have more energy.
  • You’d weigh less.
  • You’d have better blood sugar levels.
  • Best of all, you would not have ruined your ability to continue to improve your blood sugar through continued weight loss by winding up on a medication that makes weight loss harder.

Eventually, you may even get off those medications or cut back significantly. It is possible. I did it.

As a type 2 diabetic who lost over 60 pounds and lives a med-free life – I am here to tell you that you really can take control of your health with less medication.

To make that miracle happen, we need to learn to eat and exercise smarter. We need to kill our cravings for junk food where we can, appease them where we can’t, see improvements from exercise to stay motivated, and above all, do it again the next day, the next week, the next year.

Diabetes is a caused by overeating the wrong foods while not exercising for years, plus having the genes to get the disease in the first place. Try living the same lifestyle without having any genes for developing diabetes, and you’ll just end up obese.

So your behaviors for the last 10 to 20 years are as much a cause of your disease as having the genes for it. And to my understanding, there is not a single pill you can get from your doctor that will make you want to wake up in the morning to exercise, follow it up with a healthy breakfast, and skip the free doughnuts at work (how I wish there was).

Diabetes is also not as easy to treat as a sinus infection – you can’t just get a pill from your doctor and expect it to go away. If that worked, it would have by now, and we wouldn’t have an epidemic on our hands. Further, since most diabetics have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides, think about what a medication to prevent diabetes would really have to do!

  • Make you no longer crave junk food.
  • Make you want to eat the right food.
  • Make you want to exercise.
  • Make you lose weight.
  • Lower your cholesterol.
  • Lower your blood pressure.
  • Lower your triglycerides.
  • And the list goes on…

Bottom line – there’s much more to controlling diabetes than simply taking your medication.

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At UltimateWeightLossRx, we help you do for yourself what the medications can’t.

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