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The Driving Force Behind Weight Loss Motivation

Weight loss motivation is a response born out of disgust with the way we look and the way we feel.

What is the driving force behind weight loss motivation?  Sometimes it feels like we are sick of trying to lose weight and of dieting.  Yet, we keep at it.  We fight through the frustrations we feel, digging deep within ourselves to find the gumption to keep our weight loss motivation in high gear.

The reason is clear.  We are sick more of being over weight than we are of dieting to lose weight.  Weight loss motivation is a response born out of disgust with the way we look and the way we feel.

Our health may be at risk, or we may struggle to get through the day.  Our clothes may not fit.  Finding a pair of shoes to hold our swollen feet may be limited.  Unable to do activities everyone else around us may be doing is disheartening.  Our weight may be partially or completely disabling us.  It is truly hard to be fat, and we are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from being fat.

All these things may be the reasons where our weight loss motivation comes from, but they may not be the reason we sustain weight loss motivation.  This is because as humans, it is in our nature to take things for granted.  We have a “There’s always tomorrow, or I already blew it, so I’ll start tomorrow” attitude.

Close your eyes.  Imagine yourself thin.  Imagine yourself wearing something you have always longed to wear but could not because of being fat.  Feel the clothing you are wearing against your skin.  Feel how the fabric falls into all the right places, showing off all the right parts of your healthy body.

Still keep your eyes closed.  Starting at your feet, pay attention how your feet don’t ache anymore from carrying the extra load of the excess weight you used to carry around.  Notice the shape of your feet, no longer swollen.  Admire your slim ankles.  You never knew you had such pretty ankles.

Now move up to your calves and shins, your knees, and your thighs.  You never knew your legs were so long.  Before the weight loss, your legs looked short and fat.  Now they are long and slender.  Imagine a cute pair of shorts you never thought you’d dare to wear.  Imagine sliding the shorts over narrow hips.  Zipping the zipper over a flat stomach.  Buttoning a button instead of wearing only elastic waistband pants.

Put your hands on your ribcage.  Feel your ribs.  Count them.  They are actually there.  You can actually see them above your tiny waistline.

Men, I want you to picture a firm chest with strong obvious pectoral muscles you can be proud of.  No more man-boobs.  Women, picture breasts that may not be where you wanted them to be, but they are no longer oversized simply because you are too fat.  Notice how much better your cleavage looks in clothes because your breasts are shaped better and supported better.  You enjoy shopping for sexy bras and lingerie.  Picture the way you look and move and feel when you are wearing a tiny lacy bikini panty and a matching lacy bra.  Even if no one else sees what you are wearing, you still feel incredible knowing the sexy lingerie you have on underneath your clothes.  It is a heady feeling.

Really look at yourself in the mirror.  For maybe the first time in your life, picture collarbones, slender toned arms, and a long graceful neck.

Then take a long hard look at your face.  Your eyes look huge now that your face is not so fat.  Your cheekbones are high and well shaped.  Models would die to have your bone structure.  Yes, you may be getting older, but appreciate that you look amazing for your age because there is so much beauty in knowing you are healthy and strong.

This is where we find the force behind weight loss motivation.  It has to begin with frustration and find its way to appreciation.  Our weight loss motivation is sustained as we make the changes necessary to get us to where we truly desire to live.  This is the land of health.

In the land of health we are almost invincible.  We can climb mountains, and we can try new experiences we never could before.  Maybe waterski or surf or wear a bathing suit in public.  We are sexy and beautiful no matter our age.  We are admired for our abilities to live life to the fullest instead of sitting on the sidelines.  Every day is a new adventure waiting to happen.

Our weight loss motivation that got us to our goal is the same weight loss motivation that will keep us at our goal.  We will treasure our new fountain of health and strive to never take it for granted.  We know all too well if we do where we will end up.  It is not a place we want to be any longer.

As I work to change my mindset, my weight loss motivation comes from the desire to live the life I have been waiting for most of my life.  I know what it feels like to feel good about my body even if that feeling was short lived.

Every day, I find my weight loss motivation by self-talk; encouraging myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind too.  That I am not giving up food I love.  Instead, I am choosing to make healthier choices based on fat burning foods so I when I indulge once in a rare while, it will not be detrimental to my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.

I want the fun life has to offer.  I hate feeling like I am living the life of a couch potato when the last thing I know I am is a couch potato.  I am a woman who loves to be on the move, and I am a woman who wants experience adventures from something simple as a sandcastle competition to walking distance through cities and countryside discovering new places and meeting new people.  This does not happen with an unhealthy obese body.  These things, deep in my mind, in my heart and soul are what is the driving force behind my weight loss motivation.  Find yours and go for it.

Read more of Linda’s story at her blog, The Future Former Fatty, or watch an interview with her.

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