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About Ultimate Weight Loss Rx

Ultimate Weight Loss Rx is like a self-help book that reads itself to you. Instead of blindly making you follow every piece of advice over 400 pages, it tells you to perhaps focus on page 80 first, since that is what’s going to start untangling your weight loss knot.

It all begins with the hub of our program, The Ultimate Weight Loss Eight Simple Steps To Success. This revolutionary weight loss screen will identify the single greatest pitfall that’s holding you back from losing weight, be it metabolic, lifestyle, or diet based. Once identified, you’ll be given a set of options as to how you want to change that pattern. Your decision will then take you to one of four corner stone’s of the Ultimate Weight Loss Rx program:

Over the next 30 days, you’ll be held accountable by the Ultimate Weight Loss Self Health Promise which tracks your daily accomplishments with a simple “Yes” that you were successful or “No” that you were not. Afterward, you’ll review your progress:

  1. If you’ve successfully reversed this weight loss obstacle by 90% or more, you’ll retake the metabolic screen, and go after your next greatest weight loss obstacle.
  2. If you were only partially successful at changing your old weight gaining pattern, you’ll go after the parts that you still have not mastered.
  3. If you were unable to master any aspect of your problem, you will break the problem into smaller steps and start again.
Pills, pills, pills!

You wouldn’t take every pill in the pharmacy when you’re sick would you? So why apply that gunshot approach to treating your diabetes or weight problem?

Throughout this time, you’ll utilize the Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise Rx, Ultimate Weight Loss Experts, and if you’re weight problem has progressed to type 2 diabetes, the New To Ultimate Weight Loss Diabetes Eduction programs to burn fat and gain life saving knowledge.

This is a program of building blocks. It recognizes that you did not get to where you are overnight, and that it will take time – and maybe even some trial and error – to get you back to a healthy way of living. We allow for the occasional slip. We understand this is not easy. So we tailor the approach to you, and then work with you through any and all ups and downs so you come out the other side of the program having reached your goals.

In short, Ultimate Weight Loss Rx is interactive. You’re not meant to just read and apply all 65,000 words of information in one shot. If you did, the odds are that none of the lifestyle changes you attempted would stick.

But by using The Eight Simple Steps To Success as the guide, you can hone in with laser like focus on the greatest obstacle to your weight loss success right now. It’s not the same for everyone, and your own will change over time as you eliminate weight gaining patterns, one after the other.

This is the ultimate path to lifetime leanness.

  • This is no fad diet.
  • This is no flash in the pan snake oil supplement.
  • This is the real weight loss deal, and it can be yours for the cost of one cup of coffee per week. Click Here To Learn More!
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