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5 Stars. Buy one book instead of many and save yourself some time! Everything you need to know in one book! Save yourself some time and just buy one book, this is it.”

—gr8mistress171, Amazon.com Reader

5 Stars. Bedside reading This book is informative in such a way as to explain things simply and easily. One doesn’t have to have diabetes to read this. I highly recommend it for anyone. It’s simple, straightforward, and makes sense.”

—Wanderer, Amazon.com Reader

5 Stars. Wonderful and very well written. The writer has a unique way of presenting rather dificult information in a meaningful manner. This a a great book to own and of course use to improve your ability to live a better and healthier life.”

—Robert W. Garcia, Amazon.com Reader

5 Stars. Step by step guide for diabetics. Aaron Snyder has written a book that lists step by step directions to a healthy life. While it focuses on the lifestyle of diabetics, his practical advice will help anyone wanting to feel and look better.”

—P. Snider, Amazon.com Reader

Combining medical, self-help, diet, fitness advice, The New Diabetes Prescription will help you understand why you want to change and how you can accomplish it.

You’ll conquer emotional eating, control stress, find alternatives to weight-gain inducing prescriptions, put together an exercise program, learn to eat right, and do it again the next day.

As a diabetic, author Aaron Snyder has dealt with the same struggles as his readers and found a way to conquer them.

In this book he’ll get you past the grim belief that your life will never get better – that the disease will win – and teach you how to beat diabetes for the long haul.

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