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Articulate, intelligent, knowledgeable, and with a real sense of humor, Aaron Snyder is a great interview in any medium.

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Why This Is Relevant:

There are over 23 million Americans currently living with Diabetes – 5.7 million of whom are undiagnosed.  Another 57 million Americans are pre-diabetic.  – Center for Disease Control & National Health Institute

63% of Americans are overweight.  31% are obese.  Childhood obesity in the U.S. has more than tripled in the past 20 years.  – American Sports Data, Inc.

Diabetes is an epidemic – a life-altering disease.  But it is also often avoidable, manageable, and eminently survivable. – Aaron Snyder

About Aaron

By age 22, binge eating had made Aaron Snyder 60 pounds overweight and a full-blown diabetic. It was the wake-up call that caused him to turn his life around. Studying diabetes and nutrition, and exploring the psychology behind his binge eating while becoming a certified personal trainer, Aaron lost all of his excess weight, got off all of his diabetes medications, and treated his disease through completely natural means. Now he’s written The New Diabetes Prescription: The Diet, Exercise, and Mindset Revolution, a prescriptive self-help book for diabetics, for those at risk, and for those with loved ones with diabetes, who want to control the disease through diet and exercise first, and medications second. And he has kicked off this website to create an interactive community for type II diabetics.  Aaron lives in San Diego, California with his family.

About the Book

Combining medical, self-help, diet, nutrition, and fitness advice, The New Diabetes Prescription  helps readers understand why they want to change and how they can accomplish it. You’ll conquer emotional eating, control stress, find alternatives to weight-gain inducing prescriptions, put together an exercise program, learn to eat right, and do it again the next day. As a diabetic, author Aaron Snyder has dealt with the same struggles as his readers and found a way to conquer them. In this book he’ll get you past the grim belief that your life will never get better – that the disease will win – and teach you how to beat diabetes for the long haul.

Some Great Topics Aaron Can Discuss

  • Six signs you might be pre-diabetic
  •  Handling your diabetes with diet and exercise
  • The problems with medical prescriptions for diabetes and why they often aren’t necessary
  • Simple steps to take when diagnosed with diabetes in order to keep the disease under YOUR control
  • Six healthy snack recipes that will keep you fit for the summer and help ease you into a healthier lifestyle
  • 5 Ways to stay motivated to lead a healthy life
  • 4 Reasons why staying motivated can be difficult – and how to overcome those difficulties
  • 7 Fresh, specific tips to help readers want to stay in the eat-right-and-regular-exercise groove
  • Five reasons diets don’t work – and how to overcome them
  • Five diet myths
  • Five simple, healthy nutritional supplements that will truly help you lose weight.
  • The truth about detoxing – and three great ways to do it!
  • The stress and weight connection – and how to break it.
  • Five reasons our kids are overweight and what to do about it without encouraging eating disorders.
  • Diabetes and the emotional connection.
  • The truth about carb loading.

Some Media Aaron Has Done:

KSWB-TV Fox 5  San Diego   —  7 Steps to Ensure Your Child Will Maintain a Healthy Weight

XETV-TV6  San Diego

KUSI-TV 9  San Diego  —  Keeping Your Child at A Healthy Weight Without Courting Eating Disorders

XETV-TV 6 San Diego  —  Making It Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

1160 AM  Lets Just Talk  Cleves, Ohio — Handling Diabetes with Diet & Exercise

WHPC 90.3 Garden City, NY  —  Does a Food Problem Need a Drug Solution?

WOCM-FM 98.1 Bulldog & the Rude Awakening  —  Does a Food Problem Need a Drug Solution?

WOCA 1370AM AM Ocala Live  —  Staying Motivated to Lead a Healthy Life

A Touch Of Grey Show 50 Stations NY to LA  —  The Dish on Diabetes and Its Link to Diet and Exercise

WEGP 1390AM It’s Your Life  —   Dishing on Diabetes

WHKT 1650  WPMH 670 AM  JP Godsey Show  —  The Truth About Energy Drinks

WNTN-AM  1550 Today  —   The Truth About Energy Drinks

Red I Lifestyle Magazine  —  Healthy Barbeque

KWKM 95.7 AM The Power Morning Show  —  How to Stop Eating Your Emotions  (Listeners Call In)

WSNJ-AM  Coffee with Corky  —  Analyze Your Breakfast (Listeners Call In)

KFLG-FM  Morning Jolt with Jessi Reed  —  Analyze Your Breakfast to Start Healthier Living (Listener Call In)

WHZT-FM  Hot Topics  —  Mississippi Obesity Rates and How to Live Healthier

Blogtalk Radio  Global Diabetes Prescription  —  Treating Diabetes with Diet, Exercise, and Nutrition

XETV-TV 6 San Diego  —  Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign



Your Time with Kim Iverson  —  Handling Diabetes with Diet & Exercise

WCTC 1450 AM  Ask Dr. DeSilva  —  How Emotional Eating Leads to Obesity                 

KZSB-AM  Cindy Laverty Show  —  Handling Diabetes with Diet & Exercise

WPFW-FM  Bush Medicine  —  Handling Diabetes with Diet & Exercise

KSCO-AM  David Corsis Show  —  Handling Diabetes with Diet & Exercise

Time Warner Cable 19 Inside Southern California  —  Handling Diabetes

Blogtalk Radio  Tanya Tyler Talks  —  Defining and Managing Healthy Living

WYZE-AM  Community Lifestyles  —  Handling Diabetes with Diet & Exercise                 

1420 AM Cleveland The Advocate  —  How to Handle Diabetes with Diet & Exercise/Healthy Snack Recipes

KMMT-FM  Exhausted Parent Network  —  Kids and Health – How to Keep Your Kids Living Healthy

WOCM-FM 98.1 Bulldog and the Rude Awakening  —  How to Exercise at Work

KBKR-AM  Your Voice  —  6 Healthy Recipes to Keep Your Kids Fit for the New School Year

Sirius Radio  What Matters Most to You  — Fast Recipes to Replace Fast Food

1160 AM  Let’s Talk  —   Diet, Exercise, and Diabetes

KMMT-FM Exhausted Parent Network  — Why So Many Kids are Obese

KUSI-TV Good Morning San Diego  — The Truth About De-Toxing and Three Ways to Do It

KOST-FM 1035 Sunday Journal  — The Carbohydrate Tolerance Test & Five Diet Myths

WDNG-AM  Pamela’s Place  — Problems with Diabetes Medications & Steps to Keep it Under Your Control

Blogtalk Radio Lit Review London  — Problems with Diabetes Medications & Steps to Keep it Under Your Control

KWKJ-FM  Marion  Woods Show  — Problems with Diabetes Medications & Steps to Keep it Under Your Control

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