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Dear Reader,

It was only after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that I finally accepted that my junk food lifestyle, binge eating, and lack of exercise were the causes of my obesity. I was a sedentary, 60+ pound overweight diabetic, and there wasn’t a medication in site that could make me want to exercise regularly, eat healthy, or ignore the doughnuts at work (and I love doughnuts).

That realization led to my research into what could really heal me. And today, I carry 8% body fat, am off all my medications for diabetes, maintain a normal fasting blood sugar 95% of the time, and have stellar blood pressure and cholesterol (check out my profile here). No, it wasn’t easy, and yes, I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time along the way. In fact, anyone as overweight and clueless as I was who hopes to mimic the success I’ve had would need to:

  • Hire a personal trainer to plan their exercise program.
  • Hire a nutritionist to plan their diet.
  • Hire a life coach to help them manage starting a new diet, exercise, and disease management program.
  • Spend hours each week searching the internet for the latest information on diabetes, nutrition, weight loss, and healthy recipes – a lot of it conflicting and downright wrong.
  • Read dozens of books with conflicting views on diabetes, weight loss, exercise, emotional eating, low carb diets, recipes, supplements, stress, and medications.

If you’re lucky, it’ll only take six months for you to figure out that half the products that are supposed to help you lose weight and control blood sugar are making them worse. Did you know the “all natural” sweetener, agave syrup, is worse than a soda? You’ll also have spent several thousand dollars and hundreds of hours on an approach you’re not sure will help you lose weight or control your blood sugar any better. You’ll be lucky if half the information you learn is in agreement. The cost of doing nothing is also not free. Just being overweight costs more than $1,400 per year. And if you’re diabetic and obese, it’s costing you $6,000 more per year.

However, For The Price Of One Cup Of Coffee Each Week, You Can Lose Your Weight And Save That Cash For A New Wardrobe…

Your Shortcut To Permanent Weight Loss

Imagine now if you could skip all those mistakes I mentioned. What if you could start your journey to long lasting weight loss in the right place, and never make a wrong turn? In fact, what if you didn’t even have to change all at once? What if just like a journey on the road, you only had to take one step at a time? But each step took pounds off your body, and put potential years on your life? How much faster would you lose weight? And if you’re obesity has progressed to full blown diabetes, since weight loss is the number one control for diabetes, how much faster would your blood sugar improve?

Introducing The Ultimate Weight Loss Rx: Your Fast Track Back To Health

Gain Immediate Access To The Same Program Aaron Perfected To Drop Over 60 Pounds Of Excess Fat And Completely Control His Diabetes. Over 65,000 Words And Counting!

    • The Ultimate Weight Loss Mindset Makeover – How much easier weight loss would be if you could turn the volume down on your food cravings and hunger?
      The New Diabetes Mindset Makeover changes your life by helping you do just that. It also teaches you to adapt to the inevitable stressful challenges to your meal preparation, good food choices, and exercise time, so you won’t lose ground. Stress happens, but it doesn’t have to wreck your weight loss. A lot of well meaning weight loss attempts are two steps forward, three steps back for just that reason. How much better would you feel if you could make the two steps forward, no steps back? Now, is that worth more than a cup of coffee per week?

    • The Ultimate Weight Loss Nutritional Approach – How would you like a diet that’s not only the most successful at helping diabetics lose weight, but also builds cheat days into its program?
      If you were really going to follow a diet for the rest of your life, how realistic is it to ask you to never have another French fry, pizza slice, or ice cream cone ever again? It’s not. Imagine then, a way of eating with the power of a low carb diet to help you lose weight, but where you could still have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and cake on your birthday? How about a diet where cravings fade away instead of build over time? It is a reality. Now, is that worth more than a cup of coffee per week?

    • The Ultimate Weight Loss Customized Caloric Breakdown – How would you like to know exactly how to eat to reach your weight loss goals and when?
      You tell us a little bit about yourself, and how much you want to lose, and our advanced diet evaluation system will do the rest. We’ll tell you what kinds of food, how much, and when to eat, all depending on your preferences. The program is based right off our New Diabetes Nutritional Approach, and it takes all the guess work out of calculating how many carbs, fats, proteins, and calories you need. Now, is that worth more than a cup of coffee per week?

    • The Ultimate Weight Loss Mouthwatering Meals – How much easier is it to lose weight when you look forward to the meals?
      No diet is successful if you don’t like the food, and a lot of would-be successful diets fail because you just can’t figure out enough tasty food to eat. Imagine starting a new diet then, without that problem. We give you the meals and meal plans with recipes that help you heal while delighting your tastes buds. Now, is that worth more than a cup of coffee per week?

    • The Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise Rx – How would you like a workout program you can do at home at anytime with almost no equipement? If you’re embarrassed about exercising in public because of how much weight you have to lose, then you’re perfect for our program…
      Our workouts are filmed at home because that’s where they’re meant to be done. If you’re worried about being pushed past your limits, fear not because you’re setting the pace and increasing the intensity as you feel ready. Our beginners program even takes into account how many times we are asking you to get down on the ground and back up. And if you’re more advanced, and would really like to push yourself, our kettlebell cardio sessions will tone your entire body in minutes while burning a ton of calories. Our programs are joint friendly and take 30 to 45 minutes to complete (and no more). Now, is that worth more than a cup of coffee per week?

    • The Ultimate Weight Loss New To Diabetes Education – If you’re obesity has become diabesity, how much is it worth for you to be able to make the best decisions for your health among the options your doctor presents you?
      99% of everyone diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t even know why that’s bad. And who can blame them? High blood sugar doesn’t exactly hurt. How would you like to understand all those facts and figures your doctor is throwing at you? That’s what we cover in the New To Diabetes Education. Even if you’re a diabetes veteran, you’re likely to learn something new, from the correct levels for your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, to those for your kidneys, liver, and thyroid. We explain how diabetes progresses, how it’s diagnosed, and why it’s really such a big deal. Now, is that worth more than a cup of coffee per week?

    • The Ultimate Weight Loss Experts – How would you like to have the latest on diabetes, weight loss, and nutrition explained to you by doctor’s, nutritionists, and other health experts?
      The face of diabetes is changing, and there’s too much going on for anyone to stay current on their own. Luckily for you, the Expert’s Corner keeps you abreast of the latest and greatest in all things diabetes. We hash through the research for you, revealing the golden nuggets that can make or break your treatment plan by offering cutting research and articles from medical doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, herbalists, and more! Now, is that worth more than a cup of coffee per week?

The value you’ll get from the program obviously far exceeds what you’d pay for a single cup of coffee each week. Thing is, I’m still not satisfied that this is all you’d need to lose weight. I want you to have the same success at controlling your weight and diabetes as I have had, and for that to happen, I need to give you more. You see, while everyone thinks my health accomplishments require the strictest discipline, a secret Hollywood diet, and a workout program only known by Navy SEALs, I’ll let you in on the real secret that finally let me lose that weight and keep it off permanently. A weight problem is like a giant knot. If you pull in the right place, you can untangle the entire problem. All it takes then is knowing what part of your weight loss knot to pull at first.

How Much Would You Pay To know The Single Greatest Obstacle Holding You Back From Losing Weight?

It’s not the same for everyone. Achieving permanent weight loss is really about conquering a host of daily challenges.


Your weight problem is like a knot. Know where to pull, you unravel the problem.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Lose weight
  • Get more rest
  • Eat well
  • Work with your friends and family
  • And then do it again tomorrow!

One thing I can promise you – you are going to get hung up by one of these factors in your own special way. That’s why we’ve designed a program called The Ultimate Weight Loss Eight Simple Steps To Success unlike anything else you’ll find in a book or on the net. By scoring your responses to our questions against the eight major obstacles that must be overcome to lose weight, we identify which one is specifically making your journey much harder than it should be. We take the guess work out of where you start to unravel your weight loss knot.

Because Let’s Face It. It’s Too Much To Tell Anyone To Start A Diet, Join A Gym, Work Less, And Take Better Care Of Themselves Than They Ever Have All At Once!

And Yet That’s Exactly What We Tell Very Overweight People To Do Every Day. No Wonder We Can’t Control The Obesity Epidemic!

  • Is stress itself causing you to gain weight?
  • Are medications preventing you from losing weight?
  • Do you solve your emotional problems with food?
  • Are you addicted to junk food?
  • Do you not know any delicious healthy recipes?
  • Does your mocha latté addiction prevent you from losing weight?
  • Do you have no idea how many calories you are eating or should be eating?
  • Are you a binge eater?
  • Do your friends or family sabotage your weight loss at every step?
  • Is your diet making you hungrier than you should be?

There is a reason you are having trouble with weight loss and blood sugar, and we are going to tell you why, what to do about it, and then keep you on track.
Here, we do it differently. We’ll tell you what your biggest problem is, and then we’ll break down into a step by step plan for beating it. And you can’t get overwhelmed because you’ll be the one setting the pace.
Any of the above features is worth more than what we’re charging for the entire plan. Just learning the diet I’ve used to keep my fat off and abs showing year round is worth 100 times what we’re charging. You’d have to pay a life coach over $1,000 before to target where you’re stuck with your diabetes like the Eight Simple Steps To Success can, and good luck finding one who knows as much about managing this disease as we do! It’s highly unlikely this sophisticated a program will be offered anywhere else.

But Because We Want You To Be A Success Story, You Can Become A Member For Only $9.99/Month And Get The First Month Of Membership FREE!

And We Are Including The New Diabetes Eight Simple Steps To Success Program With The Cost Of Membership. It’s Our Gift To You And Your Health!

That’s right. You can be a Member of Ultimate Weight Loss Rx totally free for 30 days, and we will not bill your credit card until the end. If at the end of that time you decide Ultimate Weight Loss Rx is not for you, simply cancel your membership and you won’t pay a dime. You have absolutely nothing to lose by taking advantage of this generous offer.

You’ll get unlimited 24 hour access to all of this and much, much more!

The truth is this: if you are willing to spend the time and the money to truly learn how to lose weight and keep it off forever, then you might as well take advantage of all the time and effort I’ve already put into doing so. The formula that worked for me works for everyone (we’re all human after all), and the idea of others taking advantage of the all the wrong turns I’ve made to finally find the right ones seems like a win/win. You get to start off on the right foot to permanently changing your eating habits as fast as I wish I had, and I get the benefit of knowing my multiple failures weren’t for nothing. Being overweight doesn’t have to be a life sentence. You owe it to yourself and those you love to get better. By registering on the site you accept the Terms Of Use


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