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Emotional wellbeing is at the core of being healthy. And whether our health got to where it is through binge eating, too little movement, stress, or a combination of the above, you can bet that it has something to do with emotions.

We’ve all been told we need to eat right and exercise to lose weight. It’s good advice, but that’s not who we’ve been for the years prior that made us overweight in the first place! 99% can’t just unbecome the people we’ve been overnight to become a fat burning machine.

The people we were inside before our weight gain haven’t changed, and so the patterns in our lives that made us eat too much and move too little haven’t either.

What stops us from following through, and what keeps us on a winning weight loss regime? Answering those questions will keeps our weight loss on course, but first we must ask…

Exactly what is emotional eating?

So many people have let themselves get worse by falling into this trap.

Learn different strategies to cope with the urge to emotionally eat with each different emotion.

  1. Emotional Eater No More: An Introduction
  2. Emotional Eater No More: Guilt & Denial
  3. Emotional Eater No More: Anxiety & Anger
  4. Emotional Eater No More: Depression
  5. Emotional Eater No More: Stress & Grief
  6. Emotional Eater No More: Overworked & Overwhelmed
  7. Emotional Eater No More: When You Feel Like Cheating
  8. Emotional Eater No More: Working Out Why
  9. Emotional Eater No More: Living With Your Actions

Learn how insulin resistance leads to full blown obesity and diabetes.

  1. How Obesity & Diabetes Develop to Cause Weight Gain: Insulin Resistance
  2. How Insulin Resistance Develops: Too Much Sugar In The Blood
  3. How Insulin Resistance Develops: Too Much Insulin In The Blood
  4. How Insulin Resistance Develops: Too Much Fat In The Blood
  5. How Insulin Resistance Progresses To Obesity & Full Blown Diabetes

Learn why diabetics and very overweight people suffer worse hunger and cravings than everyone else.

  1. How Diabetes & Obesity Slow Metabolism and Causes Hunger: Leptin Resistance
  2. How Leptin Resistance Develops
  3. How Leptin Influences Appetite
  4. How Leptin Resistance Causes Overeating, Cravings, And Emotional Eating

Learn why stress makes obesity and diabetes worse.

  1. How Your Body Reacts To Stress
  2. How Stress Makes Fat Loss Harder: Adrenaline Resistance
  3. How Stress Makes Diabetes And Weight Gain Worse: Cortisone

In this twelve part series, learn 12 changes you can make that will eradicate emotional eating and help you control the problems you learned about above with insulin, leptin, and cortisone.

  1. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: An Introduction
  2. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Do Not Eat High Fructose Corn Syrup…Ever
  3. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Ditch White Bread and Refined Flour For Good
  4. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Get Enough Sleep
  5. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Cut Out Diet Soda & Sugarless Gum
  6. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Eat Breakfast, and Then Again Every 2-3 Hours
  7. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Have At Least 20 Grams Of Protein At Every Meal
  8. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Put Your Cravings On A Schedule
  9. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Satisfy Your Cravings When They Come Up
  10. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Junk Your Junk Food
  11. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Control Blood Sugar
  12. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Make Breakfast or Lunch Your Largest Meal
  13. 12 Ways To Eradictate Emotional Eating: Find The Cause Of The Craving

Here is how to tell if you really can eat a food in moderation, or if you’re just deceiving yourself.

  1. Know Your Limits When You Decide To Cheat
  2. Can You Really It In Moderation?
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