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“Low Carb Diet: Something You Follow For Days, Not Decades.”

A Low Carb Diet Is The Best Diet For Weight Loss.

A low carb diet means less insulin demanded from an exhausted or non-functioning pancreas, and less glucose supplied to cells due to insulin resistance. It’s the best diet for weight loss and controlling blood sugar; it regulates blood pressure and improves cholesterol, both the good and the bad kind. We are un-apologetically pro low-carb.

You Can And Should Take Breaks From Your Low Carb Diet.

You can carb load for 24 to 48 hours every 5 to 10 days, lose weight faster, and get a psychological break. That said, a break is not a binge. You can have two pieces of pizza, but not ten. You can have two scoops of ice cream, but not the carton. We coach both the correct quantity and quality of carbs during these planned breaks. For the most part, you can have one meal per carb load that is an old favorite. The rest of the time, those carbs must come from healthy sources, so the trick becomes learning to prepare delicious tasting meals using those foods.

You Do Not Need To Start A Low Carb Diet Tomorrow Lose Weight.

We are realists. You got to this point in your life by not exercising, sleeping, or eating as well as you should, and it’s going to take time to turn that lifestyle around. Our ultimate goal is for you to do just that, but that journey is often not a linear success. If we can simply get you to cut your soda consumption from six cans a day to three, you’ll lose weight. From there, we’ll shoot for from three to one, and one to none. You can cut all the other junk out cold turkey if you want to, but it’s not a requirement for our program to work for you. We’ve seen too many people with the best intentions fall flat on their face and give up, and we want to avoid that above all else.

We Can Still Help Even If You Do Not Want To Follow A Low Carb Diet.

While eating carbs makes weight loss and controlling blood sugar harder, eating junk carbs makes it even worse. Having carbs does not make a food bad. Having junk carbs makes a food bad. There are also junk fats and junk proteins, so there is nothing at all inherently wrong with carbs. We can help you identify and eliminate the junk carbs in your diet, and that alone can turn your health around, albeit sometimes slower. A low carb diet with planned breaks is an example of a successful long term weight loss strategy. If you follow a different diet that you feel works better for you, have at it. But successful long term weight loss plans do leave clues. They can be followed forever. You look forward to their food. Temptation and bingeing are under control. If your own weight loss miracle does not have these characteristics, you’re just fooling yourself, and sooner or later that diet is going to fail you.

Carb Addiction Is A Factor In Nearly All Cases Of Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes.

Whether you call it stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating, or “that thing where you eat a lot of junk food for a long time and wake up 50 pounds heavier a few years later,” they’re all a factor in gaining weight, and gaining weight is the number factor in developing type 2 diabetes. That lifestyle is as overweight as your body, and we are as interested in trimming that lifestyle as we are in trimming your body. A low carb diet is one tool we use.

The Diabetes Epidemic Is Caused By The Obesity Epidemic.

Diabetes and obesity were not in epidemic proportions 5,000, 1,000, or even 100 years ago like they are today. The difference comes down to modern day inactivity, over eating unhealthy food, and weight gain.The diabetes epidemic is neither caused by corporate greed, bacteria, pesticides, nor any other mysterious factor that puts the responsibility for this disease outside of us. Yes, these are all contributors, but none of them are strong enough to make a lean and active adult become obese, stop exercising, and follow a poor diet for years until they are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Exercise Is Important. A Low Carb Diet Is Not Enough To Lose Fat.

But we fully empathize with how embarrassing it can be to exercise in a public setting when you have a lot of weight to lose. Our exercise programs are filmed at home with basic equipment so you can replicate them wherever and whenever you want. We also do not expect anyone to reasonably exercise for more than one hour at a time once they’ve built up to it.

There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Diet.

No weight loss diet is perfect. It just has to be better than the one you’re on now to work. No diet is “balanced or complete” either. A low carb diet does not also have to be 100% gluten free, possess zero vitamin deficiencies, be 100% organic, or subscribe to any other additional modern health trend to work. It just needs to be low carb. There’s nothing wrong with trying to cover all these bases, and you really should if you have any gluten sensitivity or food intolerances. But a low carb diet is still the foundation for losing weight, and if you follow this fundamental rule consistently, you will succeed.

Not Everyone Needs A Low Carb Diet.

Everyone needs a low sugar diet. Everyone needs a low junk food diet. But if your metabolism handles carbs well, eat them! Just chose good carbs as sources.

You Can’t Always Follow A Low Carb Diet In The Real World.

Our health kick will be mercilessly interrupted by vacations, family emergencies, spouses, kids, in-laws, bosses, meetings, and business trips. Real life is not The Biggest Loser. You cannot just focus on weight loss and nothing else for six months while life pauses around you. We expect conflicts and challenges, and build how to get around them into our program.

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