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Dr. Paul Berger, M.D.Paul Berger, MD is a board-certified Family Practitioner in Boulder, Colorado. He is also board-certified and is a Founding Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine as well as a former Board Member of the American Holistic Medical Association. He consistently cares for many people living with weight problems and diabetes in his practice. Dr. Berger lives in Boulder with his family where they are all very involved in their local community.


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Karyn BuxmanKaryn Buxman, RN, MSN is a speaker, author, and founder of What’s So Funny About…? Her mission in life is to improve global health through laughter and to heal the humor impaired. More posts about humor and diabetes can be found at www.WhatsSoFunnyAbout.com.

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P. Soctt Ricke, M.D.Dr. Ricke is a graduate of Indiana University and Indiana University’s School of Medicine, a Diplomat of the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology, and a past Diplomat of the American Board of Bariatric Medicine from 2001-2006 (bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity, including obesity related diseases like diabetes). He is also a past Medical Director for the Institute for Medical Weight Loss, and current Medical Director for the Institute for Aesthetic Medicine. He is also the author of The Little Book of Beauty, and covers women’s health, self-image, health, and weight loss.

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Dr. David SabineAn academic junkie, Doc Sabine is a former urban minister who has been a practicing psychologist for more than 15 years. David’s doctorate is from the University of Louisville, and he was a Pre-doctoral Fellow at Yale University. He works daily with families and children and speaks widely on issues related to the family. Doc Sabine covers the emotional side of weight loss, from frustration to anxiety to fear and more. He is the author of A Chair with a View: Scenes of Heartbreak and Breakthrough in Psychotherapy.

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Charla SpenceCharla’s 27 year long experience in a Fortune 500 company coupled with her own personal health tragedy turned triumph have given her the insight to create the Personal Health Record, a means to organize all health information in a way anyone must have to prevent medical mistakes from happening to them.

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Dr. Morning WolfDr. Wolfe overcame kidney failure and cancer over 25 years ago using Raphaology Medicine, a unique healing system encompassing whole herb and food nutrients that provide the body with missing elements necessary to repair damage, restore function, and achieve peak health and performance, a must for anyone!

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