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Why Controlling Diabetes Is So Hard

Diabetes Affects One In Twelve People In The U.S. today, And Is Projected To Affect One In Six By 2030.

The fact that the number of cases is rising tells you that all the fancy new medications we have are not doing enough to control this disease. When I was diagnosed years ago, I accepted that my junk food lifestyle, binge eating, and lack of exercise were the causes of my diabesity. I was a sedentary, 60 pound overweight diabetic, and there wasn’t a medication in site that could make me want to exercise regularly, eat healthy, or ignore the doughnuts at work (and I love doughnuts). That realization led to my research into what could really heal me. And today, I carry 8% body fat, am off all my medications for diabetes, maintain a normal fasting blood sugar 95% of the time, and have stellar blood pressure and cholesterol…

Everyone With Diabetes Has Had That Same Uncomfortable Conversation With Their Doctor…

“You need to lose weight and start exercising to control your diabetes.”

Yeah we know. But what the doctor’s don’t understand is that what we’re really hearing is “you can’t be the same person anymore.”

  • Sure…just start exercising. I’ll join a gym tomorrow.
  • Stop drinking soda? Easy as quitting smoking.
  • No more ice cream? Never again.
  • No more buffets with my friends? Consider them unfriended.

My problem was adopting those behaviors took years, mostly from trial and error (admittedly, I think I tried the ice cream diet in error about 10 times before giving it up). And a lot that time I spent spinning my wheels because there was no place like UltimateWeightLossRx to help me through those changes step by step.

And that is why controlling diabetes is hard. The pills and injections our doctors give you can certainly control blood sugar to a point (and in insulin’s case, completely), but doctor’s are also the first to tell you that diet and exercise and losing lots of weight are the best ways to control type 2 diabetes. Why else are they advocating gastric bypass to help us lose weight and control diabetes?

And by the way, how many people do you know who have had gastric bypass surgery, and have kept the weight off for over 5 years? I personally know three people who underwent the surgery, and all of them have ballooned back up because they never changed their eating habits.

  • While we’re at it, how many diabetics do you know with a nagging hip, back, or knee injury that makes just starting an exercise progam an even more miserable experience?
  • How many diabetics do you know who look after an older relative who can no longer take care of themselves?
  • How many diabetics do you know who take the brunt of the load at their work? I’ll bet you can think of at least one.

We diabetics share more than just medical symptoms. We share personality and lifestyle characteristics that for better or worse can make diabetes harder to control.

And wow many times have you tried to eat better and to lose weight?

If you’re like me, you’ve lost count. It always starts out the same.

  • You eat a reasonable breakfast and lunch, and then remember that you are going to a party that night.
  • Or breakfast goes well until someone brings in doughnuts to the office.
  • Or you have a few good days, but then your diet goes out the window after a very stressful day.

Real life is not the Biggest Loser. We don’t get the chance to focus on losing weight and nothing else. We have to learn to eat well and exercise whether stressed, tired, happy, or sad. And we have to balance that ability with knowing when to let ourselves indulge and have treat.

Sounds too good to be true?

  • Imagine what it would be like to just not want soda anymore. How would it feel to not feel that urge?
  • How would life be different if you craved healthier food over fast food?
  • What if you didn’t have to have ice cream and other sweets every day? How easy would weight loss then be?

That’s exactly what I teach diabetics, and that’s why I am now a diabetic with abs.


I hated exercise. My whole childhood was spent locked in my parents’ room watching TV, eating pudding pops, and playing with Legos. I was in special needs physical education until I was 10. Today, I can’t live without going to the gym.

Real change is possible.

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