Ultimate Weight Loss Rx

How To Prepare For Your Consultation

You have three assignments prior to our meeting. Please complete the first two at your earliest convenience, and the third after I send you your user name and password to the Member’s Only portion of the site.

Assignment Number One: Tell me when’s a good time to chat.

Please e-mail me at Info@UltimateWeightLossRx.com with the subject line “Consultation” for a good time to chat. Please include your Skype ID if you’d like to internet chat, or your phone number if you’d prefer to speak by phone. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours of your purchase, I will try to contact you using the e-mail that PayPal has on file for you.

Assignment Number Two: Tell me your goal.

  1. Weight loss? How much?
  2. Better blood sugar control?
  3. Do you need an exercise program?
  4. We can cover it all of course, but it helps me to have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Assignment Number Three: Tell me a little about yourself.

Please answer the following questions that should take you less than 30 minutes to complete. Doing so in advance saves you both time and money as I will already have a basic understanding of your situation, and can begin probing deeper the moment we start talking. You can e-mail me this info when you first contact me, or any time 2 hours prior to our conversation.

  1. How long have you been overweight and how much weight would you like to lose?
  2. How many total hours of sleep do you get each night on average, and what is the quality of your sleep? For example, do you suffer from sleep apnea (like I do) or have another sleep disorder?
  3. How do your friends, family, and coworkers impact your weight? Does anyone in particular stand out as helpful or harmful? Does anyone sabotage your success consciously or unconsciously, or do you have someone who offers you a lot of support?
  4. What do you eat, how often, and how much? Please describe a typical day of eating.
  5. How do you manage daily obstacles as they relate to your sleep, diet, physical activity, and stress levels?
  6. What is your overall attitude toward your weight? Do you feel like it can be controlled? (This is your chance to really complain if you feel the need – I’m open, interested, and have been there).
  7. Please list any and all medications you take for your diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
  8. What is your weight and height?
  9. Do you have any physical injuries or conditions that prevent you from performing certain exercises or daily activities?
  10. How much and what form(s) of exercise do you currently do?

Thank you for your time in completing these three assignments! I look forward to our conversation!

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