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Master Class 104 – FFF #249

Master Class 104 is the next step in our action plan. We shall take what we have learned about the needs of our body, and what we are learning about good nutrition another step further. It’s time to tweak our weight loss plan.

As we have worked hard to plan and be prepared in creating our daily meal plans, I am certain we have learned a few things about what works in our favor and what does not. Some of us can tolerate more carbs in our daily intake and still lose weight, while others of us cannot, which may lead us to stagnate in our weight loss efforts.

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What do we do to turn things around? Making changes in our eating habits is not just about following a diet. It is about recognizing foods that serve our body well and eliminating foods that do not.

Chances are if you have been making small changes for several months, and now you can see results that not only make you look better but also make you feel better, then you have probably eliminated certain foods from your diet.

And you have probably incorporated more healthy fare into your diet. Perhaps you are eating more fruits and vegetables, leaner cuts of meat, healthy fats. So what’s missing? What else should we consider eliminating from our diets?

Here is a list of items that I am working to rid from my diet. Perhaps you will agree it may help you as well. You may have eliminated some of these foods already.

  1. Sugar and products that contain sugar
  2. Flour and products that contain flour
  3. Artificial sweeteners
  4. Caffeine. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink a great deal of iced tea
  5. Diet foods. Many contain sorbitol and sugar alcohols.
  6. Fat free foods. Many fat free foods replace the fat with sugar. Be leery.
  7. Products filled with chemicals and preservatives.

Tweaking our diets is not only about elimination. There are things we should do that will help our health improve and our diets.

  1. Drink water. And this is coming from the queen of water haters. The benefits of water to our bodies, our skin, and our overall health are tremendous. We all know it, but some of us (namely me) hate the taste of water. I learned something about water, though. Not all water is the same. When I lived in Virginia, I drank water easily and readily. That was twenty-five years ago. When I came back to San Diego, I stopped drinking water. The taste of water in San Diego from the tap is the taste of washed dirt. A few years ago my husband and I traveled to northern California on our honeymoon. I couldn’t get enough of the water in San Francisco and the bay area. It was delicious. I do have a water filter, and it is okay, but the taste is not enticing me enough to want to drink water, even filtered. Water is so critical to our well-being. My goal is to learn to drink water, whether I buy a better filtration system or I start buying bottled water imported from the bay area. Whatever it takes, adding more water to our diet and eliminating sodas and caffeine drinks or diet drinks (diet drinks have a great deal of acidity to them) will improve our health and enhance our weight loss efforts.
  2. Eating clean. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a large part of our diet, and if we can afford organic, then by all means, go organic. Choose lean cuts of meat.
  3. Healthy fats. Healthy fats such as olive oil and walnut oil provide great value to our diets. Avocados and natural nuts and seeds are another positive choice. Walnuts and almonds provide so many healthy nutrients and are great heart healthy fats.
  4. Healthy sweeteners. If you must sweeten, then choose thoughtfully. Honey has many health benefits. With that said, it is still a carb that can pack on calories.
  5. Avoid fads. Lately, there is a trend toward using coconut oil in place of butter, and using coconut flour, almond flour, and shaved coconut as substitutes for fats, flour, and sugar. I know people who have incorporated these products into their diets. They are not losing weight as they thought they would. Remember, just because a food may be a healthier choice does not mean we can go crazy with it. Too much of a good thing can still be too much.

Tweaking our action plan is not just about our food choices. Sometimes we will hit plateaus. The best ways to break a plateau is listed below.

  1. Adjust our exercise routine. Increase exercise and or change exercise from one type to another
  2. Make sure we are accountable to what we are eating. Are we really eating the calories we claim, or are we tasting a little bit here, and a little bit there, not claiming calories that seem inconsequential. Costco samples are a perfect example. How many times have we gone into Costco and tried a few samples. Many people joke that they are going to lunch at Costco. They feel the free samples will make an ample cheap meal, especially if you keep going back for more.
  3. Check your portion size. Sometimes we think we are eating a proper portion when in reality we are eating two or three servings. Remember, we are used to eating big portions. We are trying to learn how to eat small, appropriate portions. Even if we have to weigh and measure our food to learn what a proper portion is, it will be worth it.
  4. Proper rest. Sleep is critical in healing and repair of our bodies. Be selfish about your sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time every night, and make sure you get good uninterrupted sleep. Lack of adequate sleep has been directly tied to weight gain.
  5. Make time to meditate. We should take five to ten minutes every day to literally clear our minds and de-stress. Take in slow breaths and release breaths slowly. We are so busy with so many things daily that sometimes we feel overwhelmed. This is a much-needed opportunity to slow down a bit and relax, even if it is for only five minutes.

Take a look at your health plan of action and see what needs tweaking. Add beneficial structure to aid your efforts, and eliminate the obstacles in the way of your goal, which is your health.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

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Master Class 103 to Weight Loss – FFF #248

In Master Class 103, my goal is to establish what steps are needed once we create a plan of action. We move into incorporating our action plan. We shop and buy the healthy foods we need to surround ourselves with to eat right. We begin to exercise. We journal our food intake and our moods at the time of food consumption. And we are off to a great start!

Week one is great. We stick with our plan all week, and by the first weigh-in, we are rewarded for our efforts. Week two is a bit tougher, but we get through it. Friends want to schedule a dinner date at a favorite restaurant. We claim busy and put the date off by another week or two to help us stay on track with our plan.

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By week three, we are feeling pretty good about ourselves. We might have a stressful day at work or a party to go to, but we are feeling much stronger. Suddenly, our armor takes a hit. Pressure to succumb to these urges is strong. Almost like an emotional earthquake, the urge starts with a little tremor within us. We feel the vibration within our heads urging us to just have a taste.

At first we try to ignore the urge. We put our focus on a task, or socializing. We do anything else other than giving into the nagging urge to eat. Yet, the urge only seems to grow from within our heads. We realize we are beginning to struggle to keep our grip. “Just one little taste won’t hurt us” is what we tell ourselves.

This is when we think about our action plan. We use our plan to help us get past these moments. We are prepared. We have healthy treats or snacks available. We use self-talk to get us through. We take it moment by moment.

Yes, literally we take these times moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour, until it becomes day by day to month by month. These urges will disappear as we learn and develop tools to fight against urges to eat unhealthily. The longer we succeed at maintaining positive changes,the more likely we will succeed at losing weight and keeping it off.

The more weight we lose, the more active we become, the more we will appreciate and love the effect upon our bodies and our psyches. When we feel healthy and strong, we feel empowered and capable.

There is no shame in having to break it down to trying to get by minute by minute when it comes to fighting urges to eat and binge.

Here are some tools to help assist us to get through food urges that have nothing to do with hunger and have everything to do with appetite.

  1. Keep healthy snacks and treats at our disposal. This makes it less likely we will grab for junk food.
  2. Use self-talk to encourage us to keep up our good work. Encouraging ourselves can be a powerful tool.
  3. Exercise. Take a walk, run, dance, or march in place, do anything that will get us up and moving. Exercise creates endorphins that will help us get past food urges.
  4. Use a support system. Call a friend, family member, or a co-future former fatty. Sometimes just doing something else gives us just enough time to get by the food urges.
  5. Get away from the food source. If we are at home, get out and away from home. Just don’t go somewhere to eat. Go and walk a mall, or a park. Visit a library, a friend, a museum, or sign up for classes in something we’ve always wanted to learn or try. If we are at work, take a quick break if possible. Go out into the parking lot and suck in some fresh air. Feel the rays of the sun kiss your cheeks.
  6. Take a shower or a bath. Pamper ourselves. It will not only feel great, but it will quiet those annoying noises in our heads urging us to eat.
  7. Journal our feelings in that moment. Use writing to help us recognize from what source these urges are coming from. Are we stressed, angry, nervous? Are we excited, happy, and just don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to eat something that looks so appetizing?
  8. Remember, the foods we reject today as unhealthy will always be there. At some point, some of us may be able to do some controlled indulging without sabotaging our efforts. Others of us will not be able to even take one bite. We know sugar and junk food t will lead to binging.
  9. Think of food as types of drugs. Healthy foods are much needed vitamins and minerals. Sugar and junk food are illegal drugs that will only put our bodies under duress and arrest, cardiac arrest for some of us.
  10. Visualize the payoff of our efforts. We need to see ourselves healthy and sexy, strong and capable. Visualize the way our body will look once we reach our goal. Visualize accomplishments that we will be able to make happen because of our healthy, slender body.
  11. Set small achievable goals. Celebrate every time a goal is met. Small goals met will add up to one huge goal accomplished.

Remember, success comes down to planning well and being prepared. Success comes from fighting down urges to binge eat even if we have to fight the urges moment to moment, minute by minute. These small increments of time will add up to major weight loss success.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Master Class of Weight Loss 102 – FFF #247

In Master Class 101, we came to the realization of several things. One, we had to admit we have a problem with our weight. Two, it is not enough to say we should lose weight. Instead, we have to make a committed and assertive proactive statement that we know we need to lose weight. Three, part of the problem is we have lost our ability to recognize the difference between hunger and appetite.

What do we do when we don’t know where to begin? I thought to write this plan of action because one of the things I feel we must do is to put together an action plan that encompasses the combination of all the concepts of weight loss in a step-by-step break-it-all-down fashion. There is tons of information out there. We all know that every two seconds (feels like it, anyway) a new diet pops up swearing it is the be-all and end-all of all diets. If this is the case, then why do 95% of us who diet fail? The answer is, it’s not the diet that is the problem. Most diets work. The problem is our ability to stick with a diet and maintain the weight loss.

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Some diets are solid lifestyle-changing plans which, if we incorporate into or lives, will succeed. Aaron Snyder’s plan is such a plan. His plan teaches us that the approach needed to make changes in our health begins by making proactive promises that we work at each day until we have successfully created new ingrained habits.

Losing weight is such a physiological and psychological issue it is not enough to just follow a diet or to start exercising. The commitment must go far deeper into our psyche.

And we have to come to terms that not all diets are equal. Fad diets are just that. They help you lose some weight quickly, but they never last because they never teach us to make permanent changes to our eating habits.

For this reason, we have to start slowly and, as Aaron Snyder says, make one small change at a time. We have to keep in mind it doesn’t matter how long it takes. What matters is that we work at it every single day, one step at a time, and sometimes one minute at a time.

This is where Master Class 102 comes into play. Some of us get inspired and are ready to go gung ho into a diet. It works for a while, and we lose some weight. Then, we stop. We get bored, lazy, or something happens to derail our focus. It could be a party, a stressful situation; so many reasons that it really doesn’t matter why we got derailed. The important question is, how do we get past the humps to keep moving forward and without totally derailing our efforts. And, how do we learn new behaviors and responses to keep from derailing in the first place?

First, we have to be realistic. I have to say, I believe the low carb lifestyle is the most ingenious realization in the diet and lifestyle world to lose weight and keep it off. I really believe in the health benefits of a low carb eating style. But what if we are not ready to give up all the junk food and sugar?

Okay, okay, don’t be yelling at me! I know we have to give up all that crap. Again, step one of our plan is to be realistic. Aaron went from a dozen sodas a day to none over a long period of time, and once he mastered soda rejection, he moved on to the next food culprit.

The answer to all the above questions are in the concepts I have outlined below.

First, we have to recognize we have a problem to address.

Look in the mirror. Weigh ourselves and face the music. Take our measurements.

Next, we have to create an action plan.

Decide what changes we need to make in our lifestyle and in our daily diet. It’s time to make “I” statements, which is another way of saying commitment statements.

  1. I will take an honest look at the daily food choices I am making and commit to making better choices every time I put something into my mouth.I need to weigh myself weekly. I will not avoid the scale regardless of whether or not I have had a healthy eating week. I will remember I am accountable to me, and my opinion of me is what counts.
  2. I will incorporate daily exercise into my life. I will find activities I enjoy. I will not be lazy, nor will I be afraid to exercise if I join activities where others are involved. I am taking care of me. Others are not responsible to care of me. I must be responsible to take care of myself.
  3. When I come to a vulnerable point in my efforts, I will tell myself to stop and take a moment to reflect on all the tremendous effort I have put into my lifestyle change. I will not allow my positive efforts to be a “pass” to give in “just this once”. My health is a lifetime (emphasis on the word life) commitment.
  4. I will treat foods that don’t work toward the benefit of my health and my body as foods I am allergic too (It’s kind of true. Unhealthy foods cause us to swell up, gain weight, breakout be it with acne or with rashes from skin rubbing against skin, and feel sick and lethargic. I challenge anyone to tell me these are not symptoms of an allergy).
  5. I will journal what I eat, my moods, and keep record of how I handle great moments and the not so great moments. Again, I am being accountable to the person that I owe accountability, and that is I.
  6. I am aware that making changes in my life may feel like it will take too much of my time, effort, and focus. It does, and I will accept that it does take a lot of time and effort and focus to succeed. So what. Everything meaningful in life we have accomplished came from putting in the time, effort, and focus. We are worth this effort.
  7. I will be kind and respectful to myself. If I have a bad moment, I will get right back on track with the next planned meal.
  8. I will shop wisely, with a list in hand, when I am not hungry, and I will always make sure to keep healthy snacks easily available.

Master class 102 to weight loss helps us break down what is needed to plan for weight loss. It might seem frustrating to have to be so prepared. Think about it as if you were preparing to open a business, or go to school. Long before we open the doors of business or sit at a desk in school we insure ourselves to be ready to work and learn by providing the tools and assets needed for success.

It is because we take our bodies for granted, and it is because food is simultaneously needed for survival and so extremely pleasurable, that we struggle to devote the amount of discipline needed to keep a healthy body and live a healthy lifestyle. Humans cannot help it that we assume our bodies will stay healthy our entire lives. It is often not until we are facing a medical scare that we begin to take our health seriously.

For many of us including myself, even when faced with a medical issue, we will make huge efforts to take better care of us for the first week, maybe even two weeks, but shortly thereafter, we will revert to our old habits that require far less efforts and definitely thwart our initial intentions. It is those habits that feel comfortable, and it is those habits we have to build armor against and change for our own good.

There are more Master classes to come. Just know I am with you along this journey we take.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Series 1 Master Class Weight Loss 101 – FFF #246

Is your body bikini ready? No? Neither is mine. Another summer arrives, and if I put on a bikini, no one would be able to tell it was on because my rolls would cover the bikini. No joke.

Truth-be-told, even if I lost every ounce of excess fat, I could never wear a bikini. A two-piece, maybe, or not. Let’s face it, I am too old (not that I am old) for a bikini.

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Anyway, another summer is upon us, and let me share with you how far have I come since last summer. I lost about twenty-five pounds, and I put back six, and now I am losing again. I guess this won’t be the summer I will be strutting my stuff semi-clothed.

The good news is I am down from a year ago, and I am pushing forward. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. We all want instant thinness. It just doesn’t happen like that for us true fatties.

Changes this monumental take time. Learning to let go of old habits and changing our lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle is like learning a foreign language, a foreign body language.

Body language 101: Learning to recognize the difference between appetite and hunger.

The definition of a weight problem, in my opinion, is not knowing the difference between hunger and appetite.

Somewhere along the line, when we began over eating, we lost the ability to recognize the difference between real hunger and eating just for the sake of eating. Whether it is emotional eating, or triggered eating, or whatever the eating disorder, we overeaters buried our natural instinct to eat simply because we are hungry and for no other reason.

This lack of awareness is beyond comprehension and is buried beneath layers and layers of denial. We get to the point where we are so oblivious to what we are doing that we are eating not for hunger’s sake, but for all the wrong reasons, and we are in accepting that this is our norm we become incapable of knowing that this norm is not normal.

Mastering this recognition difference is probably the hardest step of any steps we take along the journey to better health. But it is the first step after admitting we have a problem to begin with. When we recognize that we have a problem, we say we know we need to lose weight. But our actions say differently.

It is not enough to say we recognize we have a weight problem. We have to own the responsibility of what having a weight problem is and what it does to our bodies, our self-esteem, our relationships, and our life choices. Excess weight gets in the way of choosing and living the life we desire.

Just because we know we should lose weight does not mean we have accepted the fact that we need to make changes in our lives to lose weight. It’s like saying to your best friends, “I know I should lose some weight” versus “Today, I am making changes in my eating habits because I know I need to lose weight”. The first statement is non-committal. The second statement is a take-charge statement. Taking charge of making changes is proactive and assertive on our own behalf.

I’ve heard many times, including from myself, that I need to be in a particular mindset to start a diet. It’s true. We cannot do something monumental in our lives until we are ready to do so. It takes insurmountable resolve and determination to devote the time to make the changes that need to be made.

Make no mistake, losing weight, learning to make exercise a regular part of your life, and then maintenance of all this effort is a full time job requiring dedication to self above any other need. That might sound extreme, but I don’t think so. If we are fifty pounds, one hundred pounds, two hundred and fifty pounds over weight or more, somewhere along the line, we lost that loving feeling for us. And, it is time to get it back.

It becomes a learning skill foreign to us. Like a newborn babe, we need to relearn the proper eating habits. We would not over feed our children, or give our children junk food and too much sugar. We need to take care of us the way we would take care of a newborn baby. First, the baby nurses or takes a bottle, and then little by little, we add food to the babies diet.

We need to wean ourselves away from junk foods and sugar, and reintroduce our bodies to healthy foods. And just like you don’t feed a baby every time a baby cries if the baby has been fed, we need to train ourselves to eat only when truly hungry. Just because we are going through emotional moments, stress, boredom, anger or whatever, it does not mean we need to shove the emotional “bottle” into our mouths.

Stay with me with this blog and the coming blogs. I want to really explore the education of coming to terms with losing weight. Welcome to the Weight Loss Master Class 101.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Legend’s Legacy Tainted By Her Weight – FFF #245

The other night, my husband and I were multi-tasking in our relaxing. While we played Skippo (Bob says I win better than 85% of the time), we had music on, and Bob was skimming over the Internet looking up random info. He came across a sight about real myths about the death of celebrities. One in particular hit me hard, the death of Mama Cass Elliott.

I had always heard that Mama Cass had died because she choked on a ham sandwich. Of course, the joke afterwards inevitably followed that of course she would die while eating because she was so fat she must be always eating.

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In itself, I thought this was so cruel that people would make fun of this woman’s death. Does anyone ever pay attention to the things they say about others and the damage they do to one’s spirit? It seems that there often is no respect for people even in death.

Cass Elliott was only 32 years old when she died. The truth is she did not die from choking on a ham sandwich. This extraordinarily talented woman died after having a heart attack. For two weeks, Cass Elliott had done one show after another at the London Palladium. Every night was sold out and ended in standing ovations with the audience pleading for encores.

The night she died, she had gone home, and she was completely exhausted. She lay on the couch to rest and eat a ham sandwich (not a seven course meal). She had a heart attack and did not survive.

When the police arrived, and took Mama Cass to the hospital, of course, they were bombarded by the paparazzi begging to know what had happened. Some say the police stated they suspected she had choked on a ham sandwich, but that they didn’t know for sure. Others say a doctor at the hospital made this speculation but did not confirm this and that it was only speculation.

In the end, her throat was clear of obstruction. She suffered from exhaustion, and she had a heart attack, plain and simple.

Perhaps, Mama Cass’ weight may have contributed to her having a heart attack. Who truly knows? Regardless, instead of the world focusing on all the amazing accomplishments of this very young woman, the world focused on a bad fat joke, so fat she would die choking on a ham sandwich.

People of the world please think about this blog. I beg that we all learn to be kinder. I pray we learn to not make jokes at one another’s expense. I hope that we can learn to be more respectful and considerate. Let us elevate ourselves to be better than those who would think it funny to make fun of a dead woman’s size.

One of my greatest fears is that I will die, and people will make fat jokes or comments at my funeral. My size is not what I want to be remembered for, nor do I want it to be my legacy. Whether or not I accomplish weight loss and keep it off, I am so much more of a person than my size, as you are as well. Let’s not allow our thoughts to focus on the negative. Rather, let’s enrich our own lives by remembering the positive others bring to our lives.

Mama Cass Elliott brought a beautiful voice to the world. Her music is still known well and sung today. She was a hard-working woman who wanted to share her love of music and the gift she was given. With all my heart, I thank you Mama Cass Elliott for sharing your vocal gift with us.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Mom, Stop Running! – FFF # 244

One day, my husband and I were driving home from somewhere. Ahead of us, we saw a man on a bicycle. He was a big man. He was a very big man. He was so big. His backside crack was displayed for the world to see. His back rolls hung well over his sides bouncing up and down over his belly rolls as he peddled.

My husband was disgusted. Me? Well, I was so proud of this man for getting on a bike despite his size. I will say I laughed hysterically all the rest of the way home and intermittently throughout the day as I pictured this man in my mind.

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Let’s face it. When we are fat, and we do things that put us in the position that may be very unflattering, we can expect to look either funny or disgusting to others. Who cares? The most important thing is that we are doing something about our weight regardless of whether others may laugh. We are courageous, brave, and not afraid to make changes in our lives. And, very importantly, we are not sitting on the sidelines of life.

I am sure there have been many, many times throughout my life when I put on a bathing suit and strutted my big-ass self before the world at the swimming pool and the beach. Some may think that I have no business exposing myself in that way. I say, too bad for them. Get over it. I am not afraid of your ridicule. I am more afraid of not enjoying great moments in life.

So, back to my title of this blog. I can honestly say I am not a runner. I have not tried to run in too many years to count. I hated running in my school years, and as I gained weight and became heavier than ever, I hated running even more.

Recently, I learned I may need to get in shape for a very important reason. I might need to learn how to run. It might be for a life and death reason. Let me tell you why.

While visiting my children and grandchildren, one of my granddaughters who is four years old and very agile and athletic, was riding her bike in front of the house, showing me how well she rode a bike. My daughter and son, her father, and I were outside supervising the grandkids.

Suddenly, my granddaughter took a spill off her bike. I saw her fall and begin to cry, and my maternal instincts kicked in quickly. I started to run to her. I should say I started to struggle to run toward her.

My daughter and my son, her father, started yelling at me to stop running. “Mom, stop running,” they yelled to me between laughter. “She’s fine! You won’t be if you keep running!”

My angel of a granddaughter was fine and up and back onto her bike taking off like the wind. Me, I walked back to my daughter and son like a slug. I wasn’t even out of breath from “running”. Too much adrenaline had spurned me into action.

My children were not the least bit worried about my granddaughter. However, they were very worried about me either having a heart attack, or falling, or injuring myself. They chastised me and made me promise to never run in front of them again.

This event made me realize more than ever how important it is to get in shape and stay in shape. If I am ever to be left in charge of my grandchildren, it is my responsibility to be in shape to keep up with them. This is just another reason to become a former fatty and not stay a future former fatty.

I am going to work on my running skills so that I never hear my kids scream at me, “Mom, stop running!” The next time they see me, I will be able to run without worry.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

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Personal Growth Surprises This Ol’ Lady – FFF #243

There are times in our lives we face challenges that make no sense at all. We think to ourselves, “It doesn’t have to be this way”. But, it was “this way”, and I struggled with facing certain things.

Okay! Okay! You are probably yelling at the screen, “Linda, what the hell are you talking about?”

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I was twenty-one years old when I had my first child, a son. To me, he was the most beautiful baby. I looked at him and a rush of the awesome responsibility came over me. In that moment, I knew that every decision I made would affect my son. I knew the same with the three children I had after him.

In my mind, I pictured my children’s futures. I saw them taking their first steps, starting kindergarten, graduating from high school and then college, getting married and having babies. I could clearly see the lives we would create together and be a part of, sharing moments of joy and immense love.

Where is this entire story going, you must be wondering? I have had some real personal growth, and I wanted to share with you.

Recently, I went to visit with my children and grandchildren. The trip was wonderful. I met two of my gorgeous grandchildren that I had not met before. I saw two that I hadn’t seen since they were very little. We played, and I shopped and spoiled them. We went to great restaurants, played at Bounce House, and made paper dolls.

My children looked wonderful. They opened their homes and their hearts. I was so proud of all of them. They are all young and hardworking, trying to forge their path through life, and take care of their families.

It was hard to leave them, yet, when it was time to get on a plane, and go across the country back home to my husband and my life, I knew it was just the right place for me to be. I couldn’t wait to see my husband’s face, and to be in his arms.

Most importantly, I learned from this trip that I did a good job with my children. Their lives are not perfect, and they have their challenges, but they will create the lives they need to live. My job now was to be supportive and non-judgmental. I no longer needed to parent them. They were parents themselves, and they had to parent in their own way. The great part was I could see my influences in their parenting, which only assured me that I had done my job and I need not worry. They will be fine and are doing fine.

I came to the realization that I love my life here in San Diego. I count my blessings every day. This trip helped me to appreciate those blessing all the more. I could let go. Do you know how hard it is as a parent to let go and not be in control of your children’s lives?

It is just nice to know that my children need me still, but they need me in a different way. They need me to support their decisions, appreciate their abilities, and to love and spoil and guide their children as an auxiliary support to them, their parents.

A load of responsibility has been lifted off my shoulders. And even though I may worry about them still, as all parents do, I no longer have to carry their burdens upon my shoulders. They are fine and handling their own lives in a manner I can be proud of as their mother.

This gives me peace of mind, and I am grateful for this realization. I come home relaxed, happy, and ready to embrace my own life with my wonderful husband all the more.

Thankfully, my timing was perfect. I visited long enough to be missed. My maternal grandmother always said guests, even family, should never stay longer than it take fish to go bad. Instead, everything went so well that we are all looking forward to the next visit, whenever that may be.

This ol’ gal learned a great deal about my children and myself, which shouldn’t surprise me, yet it does. We are never too old to gain wisdom.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Exercise More or Stay Fat – FFF #242

It isn’t bad enough that we struggle to lose weight, but according to the American Journal of Obesity, we have genetic markers that expect us to move our fannies more than our thin counterparts. Basically, exercise more or stay fat.

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According to the American Journal of Obesity, scientists have discovered people who are obese have genetic markers for obesity, while those who don’t suffer from weight gain problems do not show these genetic markers. And to add insult to injury, because we the fatties have these markers, we have to exercise far more than those who don’t just to try to lose some weight. How many fatties do you know who love to exercise? If we did, would we have as much of a weight problem, despite the genetic markers?

A study conducted headed by assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics, Yann C. Klimentidis, at the University of Arizona, Tucson, found that those of us who suffer from obesity carry genetic markers for obesity. The study had women, half who had no weight issues, and half who had definite issues with their weight, follow an exercise program for one year without changing their diets.

The study showed the women who had no weight problems lost no weight to up to a little more than two pounds. The heavy women, following the same exercise regime, gained a little more than two pounds. The exercise regime included strength-training exercises.

For the women without weight issues, they built more muscle mass, and became more toned. Their bodies responded to the strength training and burned calories more efficiently. Their chubby counterparts did not respond well to strength training. In order for them to lose weight, they had to work much harder than the non-obese ladies. And, the study found the obese women’s bodies respond far better to aerobic forms of exercise.

Bottom line, we have to move more, and far more than normal weighted people, if we are to lose weight and keep it off.

It kind of makes a lot of sense to me. I know in my own personal experience, whenever I start to diet, and especially if I am starting from a zero level of exercising, I need to lose a few pounds to have the energy to start moving more. As I lose weight, as I move more, walking, dancing, jazzercise, and anything aerobic, I lose weight faster, feel better, and have higher levels of endorphins.

I know strength training is very important, and perhaps, as we get closer to our goal weight, we can ramp up strength training so we can tone our new bodies. In this area, I have much to learn, and as I do, I will keep you informed.

In this area, Aaron Snyder, creator of www.ultimateweightlossrx.com, is the expert. Let’s ask Aaron to check into this and advise us. He has a beautiful, healthy, well-toned less than 8% body fat, body. He would know best.

Come Aaron; give us your input. One thing for sure, we have to move more if we are to lose weight or we will stay fat. Check with your doctor, start slowly, and work your way to more time and more intensity. Move more and be less fat. We can do it!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

Aaron’s input: True, not everyone is born genetically lucky to stay thin no matter what. Hopefully you don’t also have genes that on top of making you prone to weight gain, also make you feel lazy and never want to move at all. If you have both though, you’re not alone – you’re just like me! So what did I do to overcome bad genes and a lazy attitude? I knew this was my vice. I knew I was like this, and I forced myself to exercise for a certain amount of time each day that I was willing to commit to. For me, that magic number is 45 minutes. So pick your magic number. Commit to exercising that much each day. Overtime, this habit will become stronger than your genetic predisposition to sit on your butt, and you too will lose weight!

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When Was the Last Time You Felt a Hunger Pang – FFF #241

I read an interesting article about using a hunger scale to determine when to eat and how much to eat. The article suggests using a hunger scale, with one being completely famished to the point of light headedness and stabbing gut pain, to ten being so full you feel physically sick. It suggests by using a hunger scale, and keeping hunger under control between a scale of 3 to 6 level, we can actually control our weight and lose weight. A three on the scale might mean you need an actual meal, while a six on the scale may mean you only need a small snack.

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So here is my question to you. When was the last time you felt a hunger pang? Ever? Do you even allow yourself to feel a hunger pang? Or, do you eat regardless of whether or not you are hungry? And, how many times a day are you eating out of hunger versus out of fulfilling an emotional need such as stress or frustration or boredom?

Honestly, I think most Americans seldom experience many hunger pangs. Thankfully, for many of us, food is plentiful and available. Yet, regardless of how plentiful and available food is, I think most of us eat because we like to eat. Eating is fun, and it is comforting.

People eat, I should say graze, pretty much all day long without consideration to whether they are truly hungry or not. If it is there in front of me, I shall eat it, seems to be the mentality. Why else would most Americans be overweight? We eat because it is there.

Think about how many times you grab snacks at work because they are there, and because snacking keeps us alert and counters stress. I am stressed. There is a donut in front of me. Mmmmmm. Stressed but comforted at the same time. Until I step on the scale, that is.

In other words, most of us have forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. Perhaps this is why women’s waistlines have increased by one and a half inches over the last twelve years. I think some of us don’t even know the difference is between hunger and appetite.

It’s time to reteach and retrain our bodies and minds to recognize true hunger. If we do so, then we will only eat when we are truly hungry. A healthy snack versus a nice meal when our hunger level on the scale is minimal will help us to lose weight and keep it off.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Not Enough Weight Lost Leads To Seat Belt Anxiety – FFF # 240

I have not lost enough weight to avoid seat belt anxiety. One week from today I am to board an airplane headed toward Florida to spend time with my children and grandchildren. I am very excited to see them. However, there is a part of me that wishes the airplanes would be grounded for another five months.

The reason for me wishing to avoid boarding an airplane is the fact that I will probably have to ask the stewardess for an extension for my seatbelt. You know how embarrassing that is to begin with. The last time I had to ask the stewardess for an extension, she told me she would bring it to me, and then after everyone was seated, she handed me an extension, seemingly yelling out loud, “HERE’S YOUR EXTENSION, MISS!” I was mortified.

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I have lost about twenty-pounds (it was twenty-five), which is wonderful. But because I am a big blubbering emotional type person, I regained five pounds worrying about the trip to Florida.

The last time I was in Florida, the trip did not end so well. So of course, even though I am bound and determined to just go and have a grand time with my family, I am worried about how things will go once I am there.

I envisioned for months stepping onto the plane, sitting in a seat comfortably (how thin do you have to be to fit into an airline seat comfortably) and enjoying the flight filled with anticipation of seeing the people I love the most. I have been envisioning meeting my daughter at the gate and seeing her face light up when she sees me. She will light up because we have missed each other terribly, but I also hoped she would light up because she will be proud of the weight I have lost and be surprised.

I predict that first “light up moment” will come true. I know we will be sobbing like fools once we see each other and hug one another.

The second “light up moment” I was hoping for will not be the “OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE LOST WEIGHT!” moment I had dreamed of. Instead, it will be more like “Mom, you have lost some weight. Good job, mom”.

That’s okay. All that really matters is being with my kids and grandkids. Whether I am thin or fat, they love me. They may worry about my weight, but regardless, they are proud of me for who I am as a person. I’m Mom and Grandma, and that’s all that matters to them.

I know the week I spend there will go by so fast, and I will be so busy having fun with everyone that I won’t have time to worry about seatbelt extensions. I also know that once I say good-bye and I take that first step into the airport, the seatbelt anxiety will begin until I land back in San Diego and unbuckle the damn devicet.

Wish me luck. Let’s hope I don’t end up seated next to another future former fatty. There is only enough room in each aisle for one future former fatty. Besides, how many extensions do they keep on a plane? I get first dibs.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

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