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Dental Health and Diabetics FFF #259

As educated as we have become about understanding the importance of taking care of our teeth, I find so many people really don’t know why a healthy mouth is important to a healthy body, especially for diabetics. I know my brothers, both dentists, drill the importance of regular checkups and good homecare into their patients. Yet, so many patients will nod that they understand what the doctors are saying, and then they will walk out the door and forget everything they just agreed too. You’ve heard me talk a lot about denial. This is just another version of denial.

Let’s put down in black and white. When you do not take care of your teeth, and if you are diabetic, you are basically asking the fates to make you sick. Gum disease is very serious. Not only does it contribute to bone loss, which leads to loss of teeth, gum disease is infection. Disease. Infection. Disease. Infection.

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Diabetics know that a simple cold can make blood sugars rise. Gum disease and infection can lead to blood sugars that are out of control. Uncontrollable blood sugars can lead to blindness, diabetic sores, loss of limbs, kidney failure, heart attacks, and strokes. This is serious business.

Diabetics should see their dentist every three months for a cleaning. Keeping a healthy mouth will lead to a healthy body. Most insurance plans cover two cleanings per year unless they have a clause for medical reasons or pregnancy that allows for frequent treatment. Even if insurance doesn’t cover extra cleanings, then pay for it. The extra money spent could potentially save your life.

Keep in mind the plaque on our teeth is the same plaque that clogs arteries which leads to heart disease and strokes. The mouth is very vacuous and, therefore, an unclean mouth can spread the infection into the body and throughout our blood stream easily and quickly.

As for diabetics, cigarettes shrink your veins and exasperate your blood sugars. It almost goes without saying that alcohol is equivalent to liquid sugar which does not induce diabetic health. And, very importantly, gum disease causes more low birth weight babies than alcohol and cigarettes combined. Did I just hear you say, “Wow!”?

Next time your dentist tells you that you have gum or periodontal disease, listen. If you had an infection festering on your arm or your leg or in your appendix, you wouldn’t ignore the infection. We are responsible for our health. Not our doctors and dentists. Us. So, if you’re overdue to see your dentist, make an appointment right away. Don’t put it off.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Calorie Heavy Drinks Can Make A Fatty Fat Faster – FFF #258

Starbucks, Peets, and Dunkin Donuts are not making America fatter. Drinking rich, sugary, calorie heavy drinks is making people fatter. Macchiato, Frappuccino, Carmel, Chocolate, grande, vente, is shouted over noise coming from the crowd of caffeine-addicted patrons. It looks and sounds exotic and cool.

The truth is, many people are spending a lot of money on drinks that contain more calories in one serving than we would consume in a good dinner. I don’t know about you, but I would rather eat my calories than drink them.

And it is not just fancy-dancy coffees. Juicers beware. There I often enough sugar in that smoothie to send a diabetic into a coma. Fruit is good. Too much fruit plus yogurt, plus granola, etc. etc. is a dieter’s Nightmare on Fat Street.

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Alcohol. Americans love their alcohol. A glass of wine with dinner and an after dinner cocktail, or two, or three, whatever one does, again are empty sugar-packed calories.

Getting healthy is not just about making food swaps that have better ingredients in them than the candy bar or ice cream sundae you used to eat. Not if the calories and sugar surpass the calories in the sundae. I would rather have the sundae.

So, here’s the real deal. To lose weight, we need to cut calories and move more, right? Yes, but that is not enough. Don’t make food swaps without knowing what you are trading your calories for. If you do, you shouldn’t be surprised if the scale keeps going up.

Thankfully, I don’t like coffee. I don’t juice or get smoothies. And I never drink because alcohol is just not my thing. I’m fat from eating too much.

I’m not saying we can never have a smoothie, or a fancy coffee, a glass of wine, or a cocktail. I am just saying if we want to enjoy the things we love to ingest, we have to find healthier ways of making them.

Non-fat milk instead of whole milk; sugar-free flavorings instead of actual caramel or chocolate; a lite beer, a glass of wine, instead of a sugar-filled cocktail; and a smoothie made with a serving of fruit or frozen fruit and ice are great ways to swap out the negative calories for healthier moderated calories.

Remember, the goal is not to cut out foods we love. The goal is to find healthier versions so we lose weight and we can maintain that weight loss.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Another Reason to Rid Sugar From Our Diets – FFF #257

I am going to share a website with you that will give you another reason to give up any products with added sugar. The article is fabulous. Being the experts that we are about being fat, we need to learn to be experts on diseases that are developed due to obesity such as heart disease.

We all have known for a while that fat and salt contribute to heart disease. Guess what? Sugar contributes to heart disease, too, and hugely.

We Americans consume far too much sugar. Added sugar is in just about everything processed. Cereal, soups, salad dressing, condiments, pasta, and breads and just about anything processed has added sugar.

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Once you read the article, I know you will see why it is so important to our health to cut out foods that have added sugar or processed sugar. Let’s face it. It all comes back to basics when living a healthy lifestyle. Fruits (not fruit juices and dried fruit), vegetables, nuts and seeds, and lean cuts of meats are basic and healthy and natural to our bodies.

Click HERE to read the article. I would love your opinion on it, and feel free to comment on past articles as well.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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I Found A Soul Mate In Melissa McCarthy – FFF #256

I have found a soul mate in Melissa McCarthy. It seems we share a similar philosophy when it comes to the treatment of fat women in the fashion industry. Like me, Melissa, initially studied fashion design before moving into a different career; for her it was acting. Being a mega star, Melissa always has to look amazing. That can be difficult for a fuller-bodied gal.

The fashion industry and the movie industry revere skinny. “You can never be too rich or too thin” once said by the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, is the prevailing attitude. Melissa McCarthy snubs her nose at this.

For years, Melissa has felt frustrated by the lack of fashionable clothing for plus size women. And, she hates the way the industry treats fat women as their customers. She is working to change the mindsets of the fashion and media world by designing a line of clothing for all women no matter their size.

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Her clothing line ranges from size 4 to size 28. She wants all women to love shopping and stop the frustration of trying to find something beautiful in larger sizes. The clothing we wear should make us feel good, confident, and beautiful.

Also, she wants the department stores to integrate misses and women sizes. As it stands right now, the plus size section for women is a separate department, and it is usually hidden away from the mainstream misses departments. This sends a loud and clear message that fat women and their clothing should be hidden away from regular society.

And to add injury to insult, the women’s department is usually sparse. You won’t find a variety of styles to choose from, nor will you find everything you need. The fabrics of the clothes look and feel like you grabbed something from your grandma’s closet, and she wore it forty years ago.

Most major department stores do not carry plus size lingerie. God help you if you need a bra and are larger than a 40 D. You won’t find it in department stores. You better pray you live in an area that has “fat girl” shops otherwise you’re doomed! At one time in my life I was a 52 G. I had to settle for a 52 triple D. There was enough boob spillage, people could mistake my chest thinking I have a third boob. After searching and trying on dozens of bras, I finally found one that picked my boobs up from the floor to just above my waist and kept my flesh within the confines of the cup. Needless to say, I bought four bras so I wouldn’t have to go through this ordeal of shopping for bras for a while.

Anyways, I just wanted to send a shout out for Melissa McCarthy. Continue to fight the fight to educate the world that larger people should not be ostracized and treated disrespectfully. We all come in different sizes, and we all deserve to be treated kindly.

Let me stress this point I am about to make. I am not advocating fat acceptance. I am advocating self-acceptance no matter our size, and I am advocating for all people to treat everyone respectfully regardless of size. And, I am imploring all of us that do struggle to lose weight to work at it every day. If today is not a good day, okay, but get back on track at the next meal.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

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Redemption for the Fatties of the World – FFF #255

We have redemption! There are real medical reasons why many of us are true fatties! Medical science can finally help us! We are saved!

Well, someday anyway. I have written before about the discovery in 2007 by scientists that proved that many people who have suffered with weight gain and obesity have a chromosomal defect that controls our ability to say no once we are full. At that time, they thought this defect was not telling the brain that the body is full and has had enough.

Scientist at MIT and Harvard have taken it to the next level and discovered that this defect is actually a metabolic problem. Within all of us we have fat cells. The fat cells take in the food we eat for energy. Within the fat cells is a “metabolic switch” that turns on and off, signaling to the brain that it has had enough food needed for energy and sustenance. For those of us with fat storing problems, the metabolic on and off switch is not working. Because it is not working, the signal to the appetite center of the brain sends signals that more food is required even if it not the case.

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This discovery opens up the opportunity for scientists and doctors to work with pharmaceutical companies to create a medication that will help the metabolic switch work more effectively. Imagine, possibly the “magic pill” every fat person has ever dreamed about.

More importantly, imagine if we can help people correct this metabolic problem, and people begin to lose weight simply because they no longer feel the need to eat and eat. Imagine how much healthier we will become as a society. All the major medical concerns would be cut down immensely. We could see far less development of diabetes, heart problems, stroke, kidney, and cancer. And for those who have some of these medical issues, correcting a metabolic problem could possibly reverse some of these medical issues.

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But this discovery does not mean we don’t have to care about what we eat or make sure we exercise every day. Who knows how long it will take to develop a medication that works and is beneficial without too many negative side effects. This means no matter what, pill or no pill, we are responsible for our own health. We are responsible for what we put into our mouths. We are responsible for taking care and better care of ourselves. This study is neither permission nor an excuse to abuse our health and eat poorly. Think about it.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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The Differences in How Men & Women Approach Weight Loss – FFF #254

As women struggling to lose weight, how frustrated are we when we see the men in our lives drop weight pretty easily. We struggle to drop an ounce while they drop a pound. We are elated when we drop five pounds as we watch our man lose fifteen. It seems like a man just has to eat a little less and move a little more, and within no time they are strutting around in smaller waist-sized jeans.

Meanwhile, we will spend weeks and maybe even months, trying to lose the same amount of weight and pound the pavement walking or running, jumping up and down in a Jazzercise class, or gyrating to Zumba, working up a sweat and snacking on celery sticks. Do you ever wonder if men worry about their weight in the same way as women?

Men think about losing weight as much as women do. They just think about it differently. Women tend to be emotional and stress eaters. Although many men will tell you they are emotional and stress eaters, and they are, men tend to not dwell on the problem as much as women. Women over analyze everything. Men, being more pragmatic, just decide to lose weight and get to it.

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Men tend to want things quick, easy, and convenient, meaning not taking too much of their time. They usually don’t want to think about what they need to do in changing their diet. Instead, men will cut back on junk food and start an exercise program. It’s simple and to the point.

Women will analyze every diet, or even order multiple diets after a vulnerable night of watching weight loss infomercials (well, some of us anyways). We will spend hours planning, shopping, and cooking healthy meals to help us lose weight. We put a tremendous amount of time, planning, preparing, and cooking to help ourselves lose weight. This is in part because in most homes, women are still the primary grocery shopper and family cook.

On the other hand, a man will get up one day and decide he needs to lose weight. He doesn’t put too much thought into what he is going to eat. Instead, he puts more thought into what he is going to stop eating. No more chips, pizza, and nachos. No more beer or at the very least, less beer. Less sodas and donuts and junk food. Less potatoes and pasta. It’s that simple to man.

The other major difference between men and women regarding weight loss is men’s body physiology is different than women. Men who have a body fat percentage between 10 to 18% are considered within a healthy weight range versus women, whose body fat percentage should be within the 20 to 25% range. Women require more fat on our bodies because we bear babies and our hormones affect us differently from men. Men simply do not have the hormonal influences we have and need as women.

The real question is, do overweight men worry about their thicker waistline in the same way as overweight women? I think they do. With that said, I personally feel the American culture is far kinder and accepting and more forgiving toward men who carry excess weight, even if it means the men have a few bulges around their waistline.

Men do assess other men, and if a man is too heavy, other men will feel free to point out the belly or make fat jokes face to face. Women tend to make comments behind one another’s backs.

In the work place, heavy men may be passed over for promotion. An overweight person may be perceived as having no self-control or as a good representative of the company. Overweight men may not be taken seriously, especially if they use too much humor to be more likable. An overweight man could be the hardest working person in the company, but instead he is seen as a good guy, less worthy than the guy who is in shape.

I have known a few men who have confided that they gained weight to repel women after going through a bad relationship. I asked if it worked. The answer was no, every time. Many women are able to see beyond the belly.

Studies reveal that both sexes struggle to stick with a diet, feel the same insecurities about their bodies, and battle the same emotional and stressful situations. While women will define themselves by the number on the scale and by the size of their clothing, and some men do too, men will define themselves by how their weight is affecting their lives. It may be they cannot participate fully with family activities, or they are not taken seriously in the workplace. Men lose weight because there comes a day they feel enough is enough. It’s time to lose weight.

Should a man gain back a few pounds, so what. He will lose weight again when he is ready and wants too. If a woman gains a few pounds, it’s a sign to her that she is out of control and can’t be attractive.

This is not to say that dieting is easier for men than it is for women. I feel they go through many of the same emotional food withdrawals as women. I think men just look at losing weight more as a problem that they need to address. Men don’t put too much emotion into it. They just get straight down to business.

Regardless, whether man or woman, changing our relationship with food, learning the value of eating for nutrition versus for any other reason, learning to enjoy exercise and seeing exercise as a valuable tool to get and stay healthy, is what matters. For both sexes, it is all about commitment and perseverance. It’s about valuing and appreciating the benefits of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Master Class 106: No Negativity Allowed! FFF #253

We have been sticking to our diets. We are building up our exercise. We have dropped a few pounds…until…we hit a plateau. Now we are feeling frustrated and angry. It is almost as if we feel betrayed.

Be careful. Do not make the mistake in falling for this feeling of betrayal and then using it as an excuse to cheat. No! This is the time to pull ourselves together in order to beat the cheat.

It is so easy to succumb to these negative feelings. If we allow this to happen, this will become the beginning of the end of all our efforts to regain our health.

Remember when I said health is a living being within us? It is the same with attitude. Attitude has real energy behind its life source. It is in the proper use of this energy that we steer our course in the direction needed to create the life we deserve and the health we are working so hard to regain.

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Positive energy propels us forward in a powerful direction. Positive energy evokes the best within us to shine outwardly. It is inspiring and nurturing. We feel good about ourselves.

Negative energy spirals us in a negative direction, one in which we are hell bent on destruction of the very best within us. It makes us feel ugly within and without. It lacks the ability to take responsibility. It is draining and dramatizes everything, turning the simplest of problems into the worst.

This negative energy is the source behind rationalization and denial in their worst form. Submit to these feelings and the power of negative energy and be rewarded with disappointment and frustration. Why would anyone want this as a reward? It’s like selling your soul to the devil for a bag of cookies and then being surprised that the reward is gaining weight. What?! Seriously?!

No! No! No way! Get rid of the negative attitude. No negativity allowed. We are only allowed to be in the energy field of positive.

Positive energy will lift us out of a plateau. It is in these crossroads of self-discipline that we learn the most about ourselves and what we really want right now. If we want to be fat, we will be fat.

I know it goes far deeper than that, and I know how many other factors play into why we are fat. With that said, we will be as fat as we allow ourselves to be in the moment. At this moment I feel strong about my commitment to lose weight. Therefore, I am strong and I will succeed until I face the next crossroad where I must decide what route I will choose in that moment. It might be moment to moment all day long on some days. Other times may take days, even weeks before we come to a conscience decision-making moment.

Know the moments will come. Prepare for these moments by bolstering and harnessing your positive energy. This becomes the opportunity to develop your inner relationship. What are our bodies trying to tell us about meeting our health needs? For once we need to take a minute and really listen to our bodies.

Realize that at this very moment parts of our brain are at war against us. Our emotional center of the hypothalamus and the appetite center of the same hypothalamus are in an all-out controversy.

One part of this center wants to push back into old habits that we have admitted no longer serve us well and never did. It craves satisfaction at the insult of the plateau. The other part of our brain is feeling the need to push us over the edge into junk food purgatory. “How dare we hit a plateau when we have been working so hard to be healthy”, it screams at us.

At this moment our gut begins to send warning alerts. Red alert! Red alert! We have to dig really deep into the part of our brain that feels threatened, and then begins sending messages to our gut to let us know when we need to pay attention and take care of our heart and mind. It lives deep in the brain. We tend to ignore this part of our brain the most because it reminds us of what is right for us, often going against what think we want in a given moment. It is called our intuition. It lives within the subconscious of our brain.

Listed below are ways to begin to learn to trust our intuition and listen to it better.

  1. Stop! Before we do anything we need to stop for a moment and feel in that moment if the decision we are considering is the decision we know to be right. I’m mad because I haven’t lost a pound in weeks. I want to cheat. My intuition starts sending messages to my gut. Suddenly, I feel like crap about this decision to cheat. I start the inward argument and find myself rationalizing. Stop! The moment I begin to rationalize is the moment the wrong part of my brain is taking over. Stop long enough to recognize it and fight against it.
  2. Remember! Remind ourselves why we are working so hard. Evaluate the benefits we are experiencing such as more energy, better sleep, being more comfortable in our clothes, improved lab tests.
  3. Self-Talk! Praise ourselves. Instead of talking ourselves into cheating, let’s talk ourselves into succeeding. Tell ourselves we are worthy of good health. We take such great care of others, and now we are taking good care of us.
  4. Escape! This is the time to take us out of wherever we are and put ourselves in a place where we cannot or will not cheat. A distraction might be just what we need.
  5. Support! Should we be feeling so vulnerable that we know we are unable to stop ourselves from cheating, before we cheat let’s track down a person who we can depend on to support us. We may not be able to talk ourselves out of trouble, but someone’s else influence may be just the ticket to get us through a plateau or a moment in which we desire to cheat.
  6. Accountability! Remember when we give in to negative urges, the only one we are betraying is ourselves.
  7. Focus on the Positive! Remind yourself of all the good things in your life – and no matter how hard life is, there are always good things. Focus on why you are working to live healthier, where it will bring you to. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and the energy they bring. I put exclamation point after each suggestion because I want to drive the points deep into our psyche. Focus only on the positive. In taking care of our health there are no negatives. There are only positives.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Plus Sized Models Speaking Out Is Creating Mixed Messages – FFF # 252

There have been a number of articles in the last few years featuring plus sized models speaking out against the modeling industry’s ideas of what defines a beautiful woman. This began in Europe when a model from Spain became very ill while trying to maintain the modeling profession’s expectations that the models should be super skinny. Since the illness of this model, Spain has now passed laws that models are to be at healthy weights and are not to be pressured to do unrealistic diets and exercise. Other countries are following suit.

Many bloggers have addressed this issue with zealousness. Some have cheered these plus sized models. They have been praised for standing up to the unrealistic expectations from a profession that seduces the public into thinking that only thin is in, and if we’re fat, we are undisciplined and do not love ourselves. Three cheers to women who have the moxie to stand up and say, “I am beautiful no matter what!” Then they stand before a camera and have pictures taken of them scantily clad in lingerie and bathing suits as if they are a size 2 instead of a 12 or a 22.

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Other bloggers write with ferociousness that the plus size models are setting a bad example for women because the models seem to be saying it is okay to be overweight. These bloggers feel that in our politically correct world, acceptance of plus-size models will make people think it is acceptable to be obese.

I think both are right, but I don’t think they are putting the whole picture together.

I don’t think plus size models are saying it is okay to be overweight and unhealthy. Rather, they are conveying that no matter our size, we should embrace ourselves and love our bodies no matter our size and the number on a scale.

One could argue that if we truly loved ourselves, and our bodies, we would not allow ourselves to gain weight and set ourselves up for health problems. If you believe that, you have probably never had a real weight problem.

There is a misconception that if one is fat, then one must have low self-esteem. This is not true. I have tremendous self-esteem. I know my strengths, and I embrace those strengths and try to make the most of them. I also know my weaknesses, and I embrace them as well. It is in acceptance of our weaknesses that we learn the most about ourselves and make real change in our lives. Our strengths help others. Our weaknesses teach us. We learn we are imperfect beings, and if we are wise, we will embrace these weaknesses and change them into strengths.

We all know that being overweight leads to health risks and burdens our society. With that said, the plus sized models, I feel, are trying to keep it real. The fact is most of us are not the media’s idea of six foot one hundred and seventeen pounds of perfection. But, we should be our own idea of perfection, not the media’s.

Plus sized models remind us that we are all beautiful no matter our size, and the truth is we are. We each have something to bring to the table. These ladies are large women who recognize that despite their size, they are beautiful and sexy. You may agree or disagree. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Personally, I think I am a beautiful woman who happens to have a seriously bad relationship with food. I am a food addict. I am working at trying to control the impulses within me that seek food for reasons other than nutrition. I do not allow the world to define my beauty. I define beauty by who I am as a person and what I contribute to those I love and care about. If you think I am beautiful by features, then thank you. I have heard throughout my life, “You have such a pretty face. If only you would lose some weight”. This is more offensive to me than plus sized models embracing their size and speaking out.

Why do we focus on the things that are the most meaningless? I have met many people in my life that by definition by most standards would not be considered attractive. Yet, once I got to know them and could saw who they were as people, I noticed things about them that made them beautiful to me. Eyes that sparkle when they laugh, and really pretty hair I wish I had.

We all have something to offer. The offerings that should be appreciated most is what comes from the inside of us from the parts we cannot see, but the parts that make us feel loved, and comforted, safe, and warm, kind and not judgmental.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Internet Dating Code Words Weeds Out Fatties – FFF #251

This blog is dedicated to all my single friends. Currently, there are over 54 million single people in America. Of those 54 million, over 41 million have tried an Internet dating site at least once. On average, marriage-minded people who used a dating site wedded within a little over 18 months versus marriage-minded people who met offline who usually married, on average, in a little after four years of knowing someone.

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In finding our perfect mate we create a personal profile of ourselves that we feel will be the most enticing to prospective suitors, lovers, and partners. I think most people try to be as honest as they can be. Yet I know in my own personal experience, prior to meeting my husband at a fat people reunion (gastric bypass convention educating patients and celebrating achievements), many people misrepresented themselves.

Many men who answered my post lied about their height, their weight, how much money they made, their interests, whether or not they actually had a job. One man asked me if I always wore dangly earrings. I said I did not, but that I love dangly earrings. When we first met at the restaurant we decided upon, I expected to see a tall, healthy, living comfortably established man. Instead, he was shorter than me, and I am five foot four and a half inches tall. He was very overweight, which did not matter to me but was not how he had represented himself. He did not look like his picture at all. He was not working and was living on disability. Okay, he had a serious injury that made him unable to work. I understand. What totally killed my interest in him was when we discussed what it was we were looking for in a mate. He told me he pretty much was looking for a caretaker, a financial provider, and a sex partner.

Nothing in his profile indicated any of these things. He also told me he wanted a fit woman (code word for thin or not fat) who loved to dance to country music. I told him I love to dance and would love to learn line dancing. That’s when he asked about my dangly earrings. It was over before it started.

Those of you who are using the dating sites, if you want a serious and honest relationship then be serious and honest about yourself. The code words used to describe us weed out people who do not share the same interest. If a person is writing their desire for a SWF, (for example) who is fit, enjoys hiking and camping, and you’re a SBF who hates hiking and camping and you would not consider yourself fit, then this is obviously not the mate you should date.

The code words such as fit (meaning not fat), well groomed and put together (meaning gorgeous and stylish), athletic (meaning not a couch potato and definitely not someone considered fat or overweight) are not the words others would use to describe you, then, save yourself the esteem deflation. It is not to say that those who are considered fat are not beautiful. I know so many absolutely drop-dead gorgeous fatties. What I am trying to convey to all of us, fatty or skinny, is the code words used on dating sites may be a way to convey nicely what someone is looking for in a mate. Some people’s expectations and code words may come across as self-centered and with very high expectations. If this person is not the type you need to fulfill you, then don’t focus on the negative. Instead, focus on the people that intrigue you, that seem genuine, and seem to share the same likes as well as the same outlook on life.

And another note to everyone out there, don’t sell others or yourself short. Be open to meeting all kinds of people of different sizes, races, and looks. Sometimes the person you may think you are not interested in may be in fact the person you will find most interesting. We can never have enough friends.

Sometimes these sites can make it seem like everyone is looking for someone with the most perfect body and beautiful face. I think most of us see beauty differently. What might be a ten to some people may be a two to others. We each have something wonderful to bring to the table no matter our weight. Take code words with a grain of salt, and use them to gauge if the person’s requests of what they need meet your needs.

Best of luck to all the singles out there. Fat or thin, beautiful or natural with a good personality (code word for homely), we all deserved to be loved. Remember, each of us is indeed special and worthy of love. And remember, not everyone you meet is meant to be the “one”.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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Master Class 105 to Weight Loss – FFF #250

Taking our action plan to the next level brings us more clarity in our resolve to lose weight. What does taking our action plan to next level mean? What else do we need to do?

It means we have to get down to the nitty-gritty as to what is keeping us fat. Have we ever thought about why we allow ourselves to binge eat? Why do we seem to have no self-control and a lack of discipline? Is it that we are really okay with our weight? Do we only want to lose weight because we think society tells us we are too fat? Do we think we cannot lose weight and keep it off, so instead, we secretly have a why-bother belief system in our hearts and minds while we placate others by telling them that we are trying to lose weight?

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I have asked people around me if they could eat and eat and eat all and anything they wanted and still maintain their health and a perfect body, would they eat all and anything? The same answer came back over and over and over again. Every person told me they would eat all they wanted, and they would be eating all day. Fat or slender, we all love to eat.

The reality is that we cannot eat all and anything we would like, and we should not be eating all day for sure. Food is meant to nourish us. It is just so doggone pleasurable that we can’t seem control ourselves at times.

Does this mean we have no will-power and no self-discipline? No, it does not. The problem has nothing to do with will power and self-discipline. Our inability to control our weight comes from our perceived value of our health and of ourselves. In other words, we take our health for granted.

We think and say that we value our bodies and our health. But the evidence belies these statements. We absolutely do not value our bodies and health. If we did, we would not have a weight problem. We would not take our bodies for granted.

It is because we do not appreciate the value of good health, which includes a healthy weight, that we continue to eat out of control. Is it that we feel the cost of health is too high a price to pay? Is that why we take our chances with our weight, and take our health for granted?

Let me put it to you in another way. Say there is a product you have wanted to purchase for a long time. You save the money, and you begin your search for the product. When you find the product, you are confronted with three different models. There is the least costly model that looks all right, but it is missing some key features that are important to you. And the warranty is only for three months because the product is functional, but made cheaply to keep the cost low.

The second model is more expensive, looks and works better, has some of the key features you wanted, and is warrantied for up to one year. It works well enough, but it is still a compromise to what you are really looking for and therefore, not as valuable to you. You think to yourself this model could get me by for a while. Maybe it will be good enough.

Then, there stands before you the product you really had your heart set on. It looks perfect, has every key feature you wanted plus features that you never thought of before, but now that you see them, you know this product is more amazing than you ever believed. It is much more expensive than the previous two models of the product, and it has a lifetime warranty, which obviously translates to me that the manufacturer stands behind this product, and the manufacturer must know the product will last for a very long time and serve a very useful purpose. They are confident the product is so valuable, because it is made so well with many functions. They will do very little replacing, and therefore, can afford to stand behind their product fully.

It takes you less than half a second to realize that you are going to spend your hard earned money on the most expensive model. You know that your money will be well spent because you actually perceive the value of the product. It costs more, but it will pay for itself because it is made so well that it will last a lifetime.

Doesn’t this scenario apply to the same value we apply to our bodies and our health? At our heaviest and unhealthy weight, we can participate in some things, while other things may be too hard for us to handle. We may not look our best and feel our best, but we can still function and carry on with our day-to-day lives.

When we lose some weight, we begin to look and feel better. We have more energy, and therefore, we can do more things and participate in more life events with greater ease. We may not be at our ideal weight, but our blood pressure is lower, our diabetes is under better control, and our hearts function better. We begin to appreciate the value of losing some weight.

At our very best, our weight is ideal, our health is excellent. We can participate in just about any activity with ease. We feel in control, and we feel we can accomplish anything we set our minds too. Best of all, because we have our health and are at a good weight, we feel empowered.

The value of this scenario is almost priceless. Most of us can appreciate its true value. We understand the final scenario is the ultimate goal we all desire. We want to be healthy. True health is tangible. When we are healthy, we can feel the health within. Real health has personality and character.

We know this to be true because we know when we are unhealthy because we feel unhealthy. Each of us knows when our body ia begging for rest, or to eat better, or is getting sick. Health is a living being within us.

The question becomes, are we willing to pay the price it takes to attain our health? Do we really believe in its value and feel it is worth the cost no matter what we have to pay? And do we honestly feel passing up a slice of pizza for grilled chicken on a bed of salad too high a price to pay?

If we are sticking to our diet and exercising, and if we are working toward our goals of improving our mindset and our health and our relationship with food, then chances are we will think the third scenario is well worth any price we pay. We know we will collect extremely well on our investment.

What is the cost of this investment? Everything we have discussed in previous master class blogs. The payment for this scenario will come in the form of commitment and taking responsibility for our actions. I have outlined below the price for accomplishing the purchase of weight loss success.

  • Commitment and Determination
  • Resolve and Honesty
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Regular Scheduled Exercise
  • Backup Plan for Special Events
  • Perseverance and a Positive Attitude

If we are willing to pay the price, we will be purchasing the best model of ourselves. We are priceless. If we don’t value our health, then we will have poor health. If we invest in a little more into our health, we live a more valuable life. And if we go all out and pay the “highest” price, meaning valuing and treasuring our health, we will be rewarded. We have to believe we are worth the price of eliminating unhealthy food from our diets and put a high value on healthy eating and exercise habits.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

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