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Aaron Snyder Stopped Binge Eating, Lost Weight, And Killed His Diabetes

aaron1Diagnosed with diabetes at age 22, I am the 4th generation in my family to have the disease.

My great grandmother passed it to my grandfather who passed it to my mother, who finally passed it down to me.

I have battled with obesity and an eating disorder. My weight had swung more than 60 pounds on my five foot six inch frame as both an adolescent and a young adult.

Binge eating was just the way I dealt with stress.  I grew from a binge eating, sedentary child into a binge eating, sedentary adult, and soon after I graduated from UC Berkeley, diabetes finally caught up with me.

  • Weight gain had finally caught up with me.
  • Binge eating had finally caught up with me.
  • Ignoring my health had finally caught up with me.

I was on a spending spree with my life, and my bills had all just come due. Despite have a predisposition to this disease, I knew I was the reason I was dealing with it so young.

I knew I had to change my eating, but I didn’t even know how to cook an egg.

I thought low fat was all that mattered. I believed granola bars were healthy. Looking back, it was those initial failures that drove me to learn what really worked, what really controlled blood sugar and aided weight loss. Those failures drove me to become a certified trainer through the NSCA and study nutrition, learn to cook, and to hold myself accountable for my successes and failures. It took years, but I watched my stomach grow smaller and smaller while my blood sugar began to normalize. It was working.

Weight gain doesn’t just “happen” to us – we earn it through our actions.

Today, and for more than a decade, my weight is tightly controlled through diet and exercise alone, and my diabetes is gone (although weight gain will quickly bring it back). My abdominals have no fat on them, my cholesterol is exceptional, and my blood pressure is borderline low.

Having used my analytical skills to learn the science and psychology behind not only weight loss but healing from diabetes, I created UltimateWeightLossRx so that everyone can learn to do so as well.

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