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Forest Gump Says, “Stupid is as stupid does,” And Aaron Snyder Is No Exception To That Rule…

Despite making the Dean’s List in Fall 2000 for his bachelor’s in mathematics from UC Berkeley, Aaron Snyder managed to binge eat his way to 220 pounds on a five foot six inch frame because he believed excess calories were a better solution to life’s problems than excess alcohol. Only a year later when he came down with type 2 diabetes did he learn both were bad for your health.

Forced to re-evaluate his life, Aaron Snyder conceded that maybe two bear claws was not the right response to learning there would be a mid-term, and maybe, just maybe, walking to the gym did not justify a large frozen yogurt with chopped up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Becoming diabetic, Aaron realized what he was eating was a result of what he was thinking and feeling.

Aaron Snyder understood that there were countless behaviors we learned throughout our lifetime that taught us to treat food as a coping mechanism or emotional crutch, but that those were behaviors could be replaced with healthier patterns that created weight loss instead of weight gain. Aaron put his gift for study to learning everything about diet, exercise, diabetes, and emotional eating.

It took Aaron Snyder seconds to figure out the right diet was paramount to controlling diabetes, and years to concede that a gallon of ice cream per day could not be a part of it.

Eventually Aaron Snyder lost 80 pounds of fat and gained 20 pounds of muscle from practicing what he would come to preach. He became certified as a personal trainer through the NSCA and began helping other diabetics turn their health around with practical solutions to their daily problems, better nutrition, and tailored exercise programs. In 2011, he outlined his approach in The New Diabetes Prescription: The Diet, Exercise, & Mindset Revolution. In 2012, he founded UltimateWeightLossRx, dedicated to helping anyone lose all the weight they want utilizing and diet, exercise, and behavioral modifications.

Today, Aaron Snyder is a type II diabetic controlling his diabetes strictly with diet and exercise. He beat his diabetes, but he is no miracle. If he can do lose the weight, so can you.

Aaron Snyder won’t judge you, and if wisdom is learned through mistakes, he’s as wise as they come. He has spent years learning what it takes to control binge eating and to live a healthy lifestyle that enables you to lose weight and keep it off while not following a rigid diet, and he wants to help everyone else do the same.

Aaron Snyder lives in Del Mar, California with his family where they all love taking advantage of the great weather, the great southern California outdoors, and an occasional cheesecake or ice-cream treat.

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