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Another Reason to Rid Sugar From Our Diets – FFF #257

I am going to share a website with you that will give you another reason to give up any products with added sugar. The article is fabulous. Being the experts that we are about being fat, we need to learn to be experts on diseases that are developed due to obesity such as heart disease.

We all have known for a while that fat and salt contribute to heart disease. Guess what? Sugar contributes to heart disease, too, and hugely.

We Americans consume far too much sugar. Added sugar is in just about everything processed. Cereal, soups, salad dressing, condiments, pasta, and breads and just about anything processed has added sugar.

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Once you read the article, I know you will see why it is so important to our health to cut out foods that have added sugar or processed sugar. Let’s face it. It all comes back to basics when living a healthy lifestyle. Fruits (not fruit juices and dried fruit), vegetables, nuts and seeds, and lean cuts of meats are basic and healthy and natural to our bodies.

Click HERE to read the article. I would love your opinion on it, and feel free to comment on past articles as well.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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