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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Redemption for the Fatties of the World – FFF #255

We have redemption! There are real medical reasons why many of us are true fatties! Medical science can finally help us! We are saved!

Well, someday anyway. I have written before about the discovery in 2007 by scientists that proved that many people who have suffered with weight gain and obesity have a chromosomal defect that controls our ability to say no once we are full. At that time, they thought this defect was not telling the brain that the body is full and has had enough.

Scientist at MIT and Harvard have taken it to the next level and discovered that this defect is actually a metabolic problem. Within all of us we have fat cells. The fat cells take in the food we eat for energy. Within the fat cells is a “metabolic switch” that turns on and off, signaling to the brain that it has had enough food needed for energy and sustenance. For those of us with fat storing problems, the metabolic on and off switch is not working. Because it is not working, the signal to the appetite center of the brain sends signals that more food is required even if it not the case.

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This discovery opens up the opportunity for scientists and doctors to work with pharmaceutical companies to create a medication that will help the metabolic switch work more effectively. Imagine, possibly the “magic pill” every fat person has ever dreamed about.

More importantly, imagine if we can help people correct this metabolic problem, and people begin to lose weight simply because they no longer feel the need to eat and eat. Imagine how much healthier we will become as a society. All the major medical concerns would be cut down immensely. We could see far less development of diabetes, heart problems, stroke, kidney, and cancer. And for those who have some of these medical issues, correcting a metabolic problem could possibly reverse some of these medical issues.

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But this discovery does not mean we don’t have to care about what we eat or make sure we exercise every day. Who knows how long it will take to develop a medication that works and is beneficial without too many negative side effects. This means no matter what, pill or no pill, we are responsible for our own health. We are responsible for what we put into our mouths. We are responsible for taking care and better care of ourselves. This study is neither permission nor an excuse to abuse our health and eat poorly. Think about it.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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