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Master Class 106: No Negativity Allowed! FFF #253

We have been sticking to our diets. We are building up our exercise. We have dropped a few pounds…until…we hit a plateau. Now we are feeling frustrated and angry. It is almost as if we feel betrayed.

Be careful. Do not make the mistake in falling for this feeling of betrayal and then using it as an excuse to cheat. No! This is the time to pull ourselves together in order to beat the cheat.

It is so easy to succumb to these negative feelings. If we allow this to happen, this will become the beginning of the end of all our efforts to regain our health.

Remember when I said health is a living being within us? It is the same with attitude. Attitude has real energy behind its life source. It is in the proper use of this energy that we steer our course in the direction needed to create the life we deserve and the health we are working so hard to regain.

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Positive energy propels us forward in a powerful direction. Positive energy evokes the best within us to shine outwardly. It is inspiring and nurturing. We feel good about ourselves.

Negative energy spirals us in a negative direction, one in which we are hell bent on destruction of the very best within us. It makes us feel ugly within and without. It lacks the ability to take responsibility. It is draining and dramatizes everything, turning the simplest of problems into the worst.

This negative energy is the source behind rationalization and denial in their worst form. Submit to these feelings and the power of negative energy and be rewarded with disappointment and frustration. Why would anyone want this as a reward? It’s like selling your soul to the devil for a bag of cookies and then being surprised that the reward is gaining weight. What?! Seriously?!

No! No! No way! Get rid of the negative attitude. No negativity allowed. We are only allowed to be in the energy field of positive.

Positive energy will lift us out of a plateau. It is in these crossroads of self-discipline that we learn the most about ourselves and what we really want right now. If we want to be fat, we will be fat.

I know it goes far deeper than that, and I know how many other factors play into why we are fat. With that said, we will be as fat as we allow ourselves to be in the moment. At this moment I feel strong about my commitment to lose weight. Therefore, I am strong and I will succeed until I face the next crossroad where I must decide what route I will choose in that moment. It might be moment to moment all day long on some days. Other times may take days, even weeks before we come to a conscience decision-making moment.

Know the moments will come. Prepare for these moments by bolstering and harnessing your positive energy. This becomes the opportunity to develop your inner relationship. What are our bodies trying to tell us about meeting our health needs? For once we need to take a minute and really listen to our bodies.

Realize that at this very moment parts of our brain are at war against us. Our emotional center of the hypothalamus and the appetite center of the same hypothalamus are in an all-out controversy.

One part of this center wants to push back into old habits that we have admitted no longer serve us well and never did. It craves satisfaction at the insult of the plateau. The other part of our brain is feeling the need to push us over the edge into junk food purgatory. “How dare we hit a plateau when we have been working so hard to be healthy”, it screams at us.

At this moment our gut begins to send warning alerts. Red alert! Red alert! We have to dig really deep into the part of our brain that feels threatened, and then begins sending messages to our gut to let us know when we need to pay attention and take care of our heart and mind. It lives deep in the brain. We tend to ignore this part of our brain the most because it reminds us of what is right for us, often going against what think we want in a given moment. It is called our intuition. It lives within the subconscious of our brain.

Listed below are ways to begin to learn to trust our intuition and listen to it better.

  1. Stop! Before we do anything we need to stop for a moment and feel in that moment if the decision we are considering is the decision we know to be right. I’m mad because I haven’t lost a pound in weeks. I want to cheat. My intuition starts sending messages to my gut. Suddenly, I feel like crap about this decision to cheat. I start the inward argument and find myself rationalizing. Stop! The moment I begin to rationalize is the moment the wrong part of my brain is taking over. Stop long enough to recognize it and fight against it.
  2. Remember! Remind ourselves why we are working so hard. Evaluate the benefits we are experiencing such as more energy, better sleep, being more comfortable in our clothes, improved lab tests.
  3. Self-Talk! Praise ourselves. Instead of talking ourselves into cheating, let’s talk ourselves into succeeding. Tell ourselves we are worthy of good health. We take such great care of others, and now we are taking good care of us.
  4. Escape! This is the time to take us out of wherever we are and put ourselves in a place where we cannot or will not cheat. A distraction might be just what we need.
  5. Support! Should we be feeling so vulnerable that we know we are unable to stop ourselves from cheating, before we cheat let’s track down a person who we can depend on to support us. We may not be able to talk ourselves out of trouble, but someone’s else influence may be just the ticket to get us through a plateau or a moment in which we desire to cheat.
  6. Accountability! Remember when we give in to negative urges, the only one we are betraying is ourselves.
  7. Focus on the Positive! Remind yourself of all the good things in your life – and no matter how hard life is, there are always good things. Focus on why you are working to live healthier, where it will bring you to. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and the energy they bring. I put exclamation point after each suggestion because I want to drive the points deep into our psyche. Focus only on the positive. In taking care of our health there are no negatives. There are only positives.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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