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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Master Class 105 to Weight Loss – FFF #250

Taking our action plan to the next level brings us more clarity in our resolve to lose weight. What does taking our action plan to next level mean? What else do we need to do?

It means we have to get down to the nitty-gritty as to what is keeping us fat. Have we ever thought about why we allow ourselves to binge eat? Why do we seem to have no self-control and a lack of discipline? Is it that we are really okay with our weight? Do we only want to lose weight because we think society tells us we are too fat? Do we think we cannot lose weight and keep it off, so instead, we secretly have a why-bother belief system in our hearts and minds while we placate others by telling them that we are trying to lose weight?

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I have asked people around me if they could eat and eat and eat all and anything they wanted and still maintain their health and a perfect body, would they eat all and anything? The same answer came back over and over and over again. Every person told me they would eat all they wanted, and they would be eating all day. Fat or slender, we all love to eat.

The reality is that we cannot eat all and anything we would like, and we should not be eating all day for sure. Food is meant to nourish us. It is just so doggone pleasurable that we can’t seem control ourselves at times.

Does this mean we have no will-power and no self-discipline? No, it does not. The problem has nothing to do with will power and self-discipline. Our inability to control our weight comes from our perceived value of our health and of ourselves. In other words, we take our health for granted.

We think and say that we value our bodies and our health. But the evidence belies these statements. We absolutely do not value our bodies and health. If we did, we would not have a weight problem. We would not take our bodies for granted.

It is because we do not appreciate the value of good health, which includes a healthy weight, that we continue to eat out of control. Is it that we feel the cost of health is too high a price to pay? Is that why we take our chances with our weight, and take our health for granted?

Let me put it to you in another way. Say there is a product you have wanted to purchase for a long time. You save the money, and you begin your search for the product. When you find the product, you are confronted with three different models. There is the least costly model that looks all right, but it is missing some key features that are important to you. And the warranty is only for three months because the product is functional, but made cheaply to keep the cost low.

The second model is more expensive, looks and works better, has some of the key features you wanted, and is warrantied for up to one year. It works well enough, but it is still a compromise to what you are really looking for and therefore, not as valuable to you. You think to yourself this model could get me by for a while. Maybe it will be good enough.

Then, there stands before you the product you really had your heart set on. It looks perfect, has every key feature you wanted plus features that you never thought of before, but now that you see them, you know this product is more amazing than you ever believed. It is much more expensive than the previous two models of the product, and it has a lifetime warranty, which obviously translates to me that the manufacturer stands behind this product, and the manufacturer must know the product will last for a very long time and serve a very useful purpose. They are confident the product is so valuable, because it is made so well with many functions. They will do very little replacing, and therefore, can afford to stand behind their product fully.

It takes you less than half a second to realize that you are going to spend your hard earned money on the most expensive model. You know that your money will be well spent because you actually perceive the value of the product. It costs more, but it will pay for itself because it is made so well that it will last a lifetime.

Doesn’t this scenario apply to the same value we apply to our bodies and our health? At our heaviest and unhealthy weight, we can participate in some things, while other things may be too hard for us to handle. We may not look our best and feel our best, but we can still function and carry on with our day-to-day lives.

When we lose some weight, we begin to look and feel better. We have more energy, and therefore, we can do more things and participate in more life events with greater ease. We may not be at our ideal weight, but our blood pressure is lower, our diabetes is under better control, and our hearts function better. We begin to appreciate the value of losing some weight.

At our very best, our weight is ideal, our health is excellent. We can participate in just about any activity with ease. We feel in control, and we feel we can accomplish anything we set our minds too. Best of all, because we have our health and are at a good weight, we feel empowered.

The value of this scenario is almost priceless. Most of us can appreciate its true value. We understand the final scenario is the ultimate goal we all desire. We want to be healthy. True health is tangible. When we are healthy, we can feel the health within. Real health has personality and character.

We know this to be true because we know when we are unhealthy because we feel unhealthy. Each of us knows when our body ia begging for rest, or to eat better, or is getting sick. Health is a living being within us.

The question becomes, are we willing to pay the price it takes to attain our health? Do we really believe in its value and feel it is worth the cost no matter what we have to pay? And do we honestly feel passing up a slice of pizza for grilled chicken on a bed of salad too high a price to pay?

If we are sticking to our diet and exercising, and if we are working toward our goals of improving our mindset and our health and our relationship with food, then chances are we will think the third scenario is well worth any price we pay. We know we will collect extremely well on our investment.

What is the cost of this investment? Everything we have discussed in previous master class blogs. The payment for this scenario will come in the form of commitment and taking responsibility for our actions. I have outlined below the price for accomplishing the purchase of weight loss success.

  • Commitment and Determination
  • Resolve and Honesty
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Regular Scheduled Exercise
  • Backup Plan for Special Events
  • Perseverance and a Positive Attitude

If we are willing to pay the price, we will be purchasing the best model of ourselves. We are priceless. If we don’t value our health, then we will have poor health. If we invest in a little more into our health, we live a more valuable life. And if we go all out and pay the “highest” price, meaning valuing and treasuring our health, we will be rewarded. We have to believe we are worth the price of eliminating unhealthy food from our diets and put a high value on healthy eating and exercise habits.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

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