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Progress Report On Promises FFF #203

Update time on my promises. Last week I recommitted to sticking to my promises. The first one was to stop snacking between meals, and if I still need to snack, choosing healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, and a little bit of nuts.

On promise number one, I did pretty well five out of seven days. Hormonal changes hit me ferociously Thursday, and doomed me the rest of the day. Friday, I did very well, but Saturday mid-morning, I kind of lost that loving feeling. Truthfully, I was a bit stressed out, and gave into some M & Ms (damn those pesky chocolate covered peanuts).

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I completely failed when it came to keeping promise number two. I kept forgetting to put on my pedometer. I bought a new workout DVD that I have wanted to try, and that I thought would motivate me, (Brazilian Butt Lift). Hey! Stop laughing! I am absolutely capable of having a high perky Brazilian type butt if I put my mind to it (operative words-put my mind to it). The week just got away from me. I was extremely busy. I worked late most days coming home well after dark, tired, and hungry, and my mom had cataract surgery, and I needed to help her with her drops and keep an eye on her. Add to all this, I had company come down this weekend. It has been a hectic week. All I can say is that I will do better this week!

My third promise was learning to not use food to cope. I would say I did a fifty-fifty job at this promise. This is evidenced by the days I did not stick to promise number one. Let’s face it. This is a hard promise to keep because I am an emotional and stress-oriented binge eater. Learning to change negative coping skills into positive coping skills takes time, and even more importantly, it takes a very deep awareness at the time I am about to binge eat to stop myself from a very deep-seeded problem and pull myself back to the reality of the negative effects that one moment will have on my body.

What we need is a stop sign in our brain when the moment presents itself. Eat for emotional reasons or learn to deal with the emotions. Anyone who is an emotional stress eater will understand just how hard it is to stop yourself in the moment you want to give in to your food demons.

Obviously, I have much work to do. It is now the start of week two. Let’s see how I do. I am going to work hard to do better. When I do better, the proof will show up on the scale and in my clothes.

If you did well on your promises, I am so proud of you. If you are still struggling, that’s okay. At least you are now more aware of yourself, your needs, and the work you need to do. We can do this together.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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