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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Are You In The Fitness Protection Program? FFF #207

Are you in the fitness protection program? In other words, are you hiding out from exercise? When was the last time you really worked out? If you haven’t (much like me lately), what is holding you back?

You would think changing our lives for the better would be easy. All we have to do is make healthier food choices and workout, right? Yet, we avoid doing what we know we have to do, and the question is why?

Some of it is pure laziness. Some of putting off dieting and exercise is we just don’t know where to begin. That part is easy. You are already on the road to making changes if you are reading this blog in Aaron Snyder’s UltimateWeightLossRx.com.

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Myself, I may not have lost much weight, but that is not the fault of the program. I promise you, it is all me. The one thing for certain this program has done for me is it has helped me to become unbelievably aware of and accountable for what I am doing to myself by not eating healthy and exercising.

Another savior of this plan is that since I started trying to work this plan, I have stopped gaining weight. This is important. Over a year and a half I gained one hundred and fifteen pounds. Now, I have lost and gained the same fifteen twenty pounds, and I have not gained any more.

Getting back to why we are hiding out from exercise in the fitness protection program. One reason we avoid exercise is because we feel too heavy and bloated to exercise. This is not a real excuse, but it is understandable. What this means is when you are too heavy and uncomfortable, just getting started exercising is daunting. I know I am eager to start exercising after I lose ten to fifteen pounds. The weight loss makes me feel lighter and more able to move.

I took a walk this morning. It was a very short walk. After a few minutes, my lower back began to hurt, as did my knees. This is because I haven’t exercise in a very long time. My body has been aching so much this last year. Between injuring my lower back, my knees, and the literal pain in my neck, everything hurts so much that even minimal exercise seems difficult.

There is only one way to overcome this difficulty. Believe it or not, the cure is more exercise. The more you move, the more accustomed your body becomes to the extra movement. The first few days you may be sore. A few days later, movement that was difficult has now become much easier.

Many of us think we just don’t like to exercise. Honestly, I don’t think that is really true. Even those who don’t participate in regular workouts like to do something besides sit on the couch and breathe. Treadmills are not much fun for many of us. Walking along the beach is more fun. Stationary bikes are great in front of a television set. Biking through parks is relaxing and invigorating. Dancing, swimming, playing baseball are all ways we can workout without it feeling like a workout. It’s about finding what you love to do and then to actually doing it. Have fun!

My daughter told me she joined a gym the other day. I was so happy she did. She is being proactive.

Many of us hate to go to the gym because we feel we will be out of place. People in gyms look so fit. Are we afraid we might look stupid? Who gives a damn? When we go to the gym, our purpose is to work out and take care of us. I am not paying money to join a gym because I look fantastic lifting weights. I am paying good money to get my big tub of lard body into shape. If anyone wants to judge me for being too fat and snicker in my direction, well, all I can say is get over yourselves. I am not here for them. I am here for me, and at least I am trying to do something about it. Besides, people who make fun of other people maliciously are just plain stupid and ignorant. Who cares what they think?

Escape the fitness protection program and do not be afraid to exercise. No one ever regrets working out. The hardest part is getting started. Let’s agree to make the time everyday to workout. I will let you know how I am doing. I hope you will do the same and let me know how well you are doing. We can encourage one another.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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