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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

But It’s Fat Free…Not! FFF #204

It is hard enough trying to diet and lose weight, but add massive confusion into the equation, and forget it. You might as well stay fat. Not really, but dieting today is not like the way your grandma did it. Dieting today is confusing, frustrating, and almost sets us up for failure.

Once upon a time, dieting was quite simple. You ate everything in sight and didn’t move; you got fat. You cut calories and got off your ass and moved; you lost weight. That simple.

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The diet business is worth billions of dollars. You want to know why? Because us fatties are searching for the ultimate diet that will help us lose weight fast and keep it off. There is so much information out there, but what’s a person to believe, and how much of this information is true?

Remember when we were told eat a low fat diet, and bulk up on carbs and protein. The thought was fat will make you fatter. The “Fat Free” generation of the dieting market was created. “Snackwell” cookies (“Hey Cookie Man”) were flying off the market shelves. People actually believed they could eat as many “Snackwell” cookies they wanted, and because these cookies were fat free, you wouldn’t get fat.

Ask my cousin, Marianne. She will tell you she invested in cases of “Snackwell” cookies, eating them freely, only to continue to gain weight. She devoured these cookies and wondered why she was gaining weight. I told her if she checked out the label, she would see the fat had been replaced with sugar, and she would notice the calories per cookie equaled or had more than the same cookie that was not fat free.

Low fat diets failed most people who tried to live a low-fat lifestyle. Once people caught on that a low fat diet wouldn’t make and keep you thin, people then turned to low carb diets. Low carb type of dieting has proven to be very effective for many people.

Studies have shown that people who live a low carb lifestyle not only lose weight and keep it off, but also have lab results that make physicians very happy. Diabetes is controlled, triglycerides results are excellent, and cholesterol numbers are great. Let’s not forget, low carb diets help people kick the sugar habit. Cravings for sugar are significantly reduced.

The latest “fad” is the whole gluten-free thing. Don’t get me wrong. There are people who truly have gluten allergies and need to be very careful. But so does the public when it comes understanding whether or not products for sale are really beneficial in meeting their needs. Many gluten-free products contain more saturated fat, less fiber, and more calories than the same regular gluten products. Just because something is gluten-free does not make it healthy. A person really needs to learn to read labels carefully to insure the product they think they are investing in is actually the product that will serve their needs.

It’s so funny to me that suddenly the “whole world” now has a gluten allergy. Come on people. Let’s use a little common sense. Most of us do not have a gluten allergy. What we really do have is an allergy to sugar, products that contain sugar, and white flour and enriched flour products. There is a difference between a true gluten allergy and avoiding gluten foods because that avoidance will be beneficial in your efforts to live a healthier lifestyle.

People will substitute fruit smoothies in place of a meal. Fruit smoothies may be delicious, but fruit smoothies are very high in sugar, and fruit smoothies only lead to craving more sugar.

Salads have always been the perfect choice for a low-calorie high-fiber meal. Good choice, right? Wrong. If you are loading the salad with high calorie dressings, fried croutons or wontons, and lots of cheese, not only is the salad high in calories, but it is high in saturated fat, and high in sugar, too.

Don’t be a “Marianne” (sorry Marianne) and buy into every fad diet that comes along. The key to successful weight loss is to learn to read the signs your body is giving you. Our body reacts to what we put into it. When I follow a low carb lifestyle, I lose weight, and I never have to worry about blood sugar numbers. I lose belly fat faster than sticking to a traditional diet or any other type of diet other than a low carb diet. My sugar cravings are under better control on a low carb diet, and as long as I avoid foods that contain sugar, my cravings for these types of foods literally disappear.

As long as I don’t give in to that first taste of a food loaded with sugar, I won’t crave sugar. The moral of the story is even though a food product might be gluten free, fat free, and or sugar free, it does not mean that food product is healthy and right for you. Get to know your body, its needs, and the foods that serve it best and keep your body healthy. If you hear yourself say, “But it’s (blank) free…” stop yourself right there and know you might have to reevaluate if what you are about to sink your teeth into is really the food you want to devour.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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