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Smoking Causes Diabetes – FFF #196

According to the CDC, smoking can cause diabetes. Smokers are 30 to 40% more likely to develop diabetes than non-smokers, as I quote from a report from the CDC, which is the Center of Disease Control.

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Smoking narrows blood vessels, which can cause neuropathy of nerves, which causes a patient to feel numbness, painful tingling, and burning. Add diabetes to the equation and you have a recipe for serious increased risks of heart disease, retinopathy (blindness), kidney failure, ulcers and infections which can lead to amputation of limbs, and a higher risk of some cancers.

Smokers who have diabetes can suffer from impotence for men, low birth weights in babies or even stillbirths, hardening of the arteries, stroke, and smoking can add serious complications in the treating of diabetic patients.

Quit smoking and you will still be diabetic, but you will dramatically reduce the risks of complications, infections, and worsening of diseases from diabetes. But quitting smoking may be as hard as losing weight. An addiction is an addiction, and all the emotional and physical ties to addiction still have to be metered out and dealt with regardless.

Many smokers who quit smoking begin to eat in place of smoking. Therefore, smokers who quit may gain weight. Of course, the weight gain may contribute to more negative affects from patients’ diabetes. With that said, smokers who quit will reduce their risks of heart disease, vascular disease, and will be able to manage their diabetes far better.

I know someone who smokes and is extremely overweight. I recommended that she choose her addiction. She looked at me surprised and asked me what I meant. I answered her that it is bad enough to have one addiction, but to suffer from two is really bad. Choose. She laughed her head off, and then she smiled at me and told me I was right.

Diabetes is bad enough. It creates and contributes to so many other diseases (kidney, heart, eye disease). It is difficult enough to try to lose weight and keep it off. Why add smoking to the list of things we need to quit to live a far improved and much healthier lifestyle. We deserve better.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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