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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Weight Loss Equals Patience – FFF #198

Weight loss equals patience. Without patience, we just won’t lose weight. We will be spinning our heels either gaining a few pounds, or maybe losing a few pounds, only to gain them right back.

It’s Monday morning, and you have made up your mind that today you are starting your plan to eat healthy and lose weight. You are so motivated. You spent Saturday and Sunday studying your diet plan. You went shopping and stocked your fridge with lean cuts of meat, lots of vegetables, and some delicious fruit.

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You got up and made your lunch, a salad loaded with a variety of vegetables, grilled chicken from the night before, and a piece of fruit. You walk out the door feeling ready to face the world and begin your new get healthy plan.

Once at work, stress begins. E-mails and phone calls to handle. Deadlines to meet. Everyone is pulling you from different directions. By nine a.m., you begin to feel the whisper of cravings begin. By ten a.m., that whisper has become a roar.

You start thinking in your head your new mantra. “Let me just get through the next hour to the next meal. I can do this! I can do this!”

The cravings are getting stronger and stronger creating more stress within you added to your normal day-to-day stress. You start fidgeting in your seat. You begin to start rationalizing going into the personnel room to hunt for something to eat.

Finally, your brain screams at your body, “No! You can do this!”

You make it to lunch, and you make it through the afternoon until it’s time to go home to dinner. It took every ounce of willpower to not go through the drive-thru you passed on the way home. Once you get in the front door, you go straight to the fridge, pull out more left over grilled chicken and start eating. You barely taste the food you are devouring.

Now you only have several hours to get through before you go to bed. Two hours after dinner, you are bored. There isn’t anything really interesting on television. So you try reading. You just can’t seem to get through a paragraph because of the doggone cravings calling you name.

Of course you get up, rummage through the pantry. Ugg! Nothing there. You threw everything sweet out yesterday. You check the freezer. The only sweet treat in there is an old sugar free Popsicle from the last time you made up your mind to lose weight months ago.

Okay. That will have to do. You reach for the Popsicle, unwrap it, take a bite, and you spit it out. You taste the freezer burn. Into the garbage can it goes.

Oh wow! You see it. It’s a bag of chocolate baking chips. You swear to yourself you will only take a couple to get you through the craving. Before you can stop yourself, you have loaded your palm twice with giant handfuls of chocolate chips.

Then the guilt sets in, and the self-loathing. “I almost made it through day one,” you scream inwardly at yourself.

You regroup and begin to analyze what went wrong. Maybe, you think, maybe I am going to strict. Maybe I need to allow myself a few treats within reason. But, if I do that, then I am not following the best plan I know for me to bring me to optimal health. I need to get sugar cravings out of my life!”

You start to over think, and you decide you will start again tomorrow, but this time you will count calories instead of limiting your foods to protein, vegetables, and fruit. You plan out your meals for the next day. You are kind of excited because you are including low calorie bread into your diet and some treats and still staying within your calorie limitations.

You do pretty well until dinnertime. Dinner with friends will be challenging. As you sit at the table with your friends, the waiter brings a loaf of warm fresh baked bread and butter. Just one piece, you think to yourself. The menu looks great. You promise yourself to make a healthy choice. You order the steak, the baked potato (promising yourself just a little butter) and a salad with the dressing on the side. Did anyone notice you grabbed another piece of the warm loaf of bread?

Another day and another day and more days go by. You realize you have not lost an ounce, and you have actually gained three more pounds. Obviously, your yo-yo choice dieting is not working for you. Almost every day since you made up your mind to stick to your plan, you have actually changed your plan.

What’s missing here is one thing. Patience. Losing weight equals patience. When we decide we are going to lose weight, we should not base our eating plan on what will make us lose weight the fastest. Our weight is determined by the food choices we make and our lack of movement. I think it makes sense to really take stock of ourselves and be honest about what type of plan we want to incorporate into our lives that we can not only lose weight but it is a plan that we can live with as a lifestyle the rest of our lives.

Aaron Snyder has developed a formula that is super successful for him and other diabetics. His plan not only helped him accomplish his weight loss, but it has helped him maintain his awesome body and completely control his diabetes. He figured out what works for him, and has developed his program to help the rest of us. It provides latitude. It is a plan that accommodates our need to change slowly.

The bottom line, and I know you have heard this before, is we did not gain weight overnight, and we will not lose weight overnight. It takes time, which means we need to be patient and persevere. Don’t flip flop between diets. Figure out what your needs are and make a plan you will work to stick to even if it is making very small changes at a time. It all adds up just like calories. Patience is the key.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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