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FDA Considers New Label Guidelines Regarding Added Sugar: FFF #191

The FDA is currently considering an overhaul of guidelines in regards to manufactured food labels. Labels on foods today include total sugar within the product per serving, but they do not state how much of the total sugar is added sugar.

Fox news reported the average woman eats 22.5 teaspoons of added sugar daily. There is added sugar even in products such as canned soups. Most products today have a certain amount of added sugar.

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The question posed is should the government create more regulation regarding food labels, and if they do create more regulation, can a person who is insured under a government insurance plan through Obamacare be denied if they buy and use products with too much added sugar?

I would hope not. We are an imperfect species us human beings. For some people who are very careful about what they eat, these labels may serve a good purpose in the decision making process. For most people, I think people are going to eat what they want to eat regardless.

Yes, we have all become far more aware of our need to get healthy. Education in the necessity and benefits of weight loss, control of sugar in our diets, healthy fats versus unhealthy fats inundate the headlines every day. If we gauge how well educated Americans are today when it comes to eating healthy as a criteria for how well we are doing to eat and live a healthy lifestyle, then the gauge would fall off the scale at the failure point. Children today are far heavier than children thirty and forty years ago when education of proper nutrition and the effects of certain foods were not as well known as they are today.

We should know what we are consuming in the products we buy from manufacturers, but I think too much government regulation only creates more excess expenditures, more intrusion in our lives, and more governmental power over our daily choices. No one wants Big Brother watching over us twenty-four seven. We need our government to police fraudulent information in our lives so manufactures cannot make untrue claims about their products.

The labels today are adequate in telling us the amount of sugar and salt (for that matter) within the product. We are educated enough to know the difference between a healthy sugar such as fruit versus unhealthy sugars such as cookies. Please remember, anything canned or frozen has added sugar and salt. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to make good choices. If sugar is in the first three ingredients of a product, you might want to avoid using that product and look for an alternative.

We need to take personal responsibility for what we consume. Manufactures are listening to the consumer and on their own are making changes to their products so that their products will be healthier.

One year ago most of us neither knew, cared, nor understood what gluten free meant, what products contained gluten, and how gluten affects some people. Today, not only are we all far more aware and learning more everyday, but consumers will find more and more products in grocery stores that are gluten free. The people have spoken. The manufacturers are listening.

I don’t need a label on a chocolate bar to tell me it is loaded with added sugar. It has to be loaded with added sugar because if that chocolate bar wasn’t loaded with sugar, no one would eat chocolate. Chocolate is bitter.

Let’s not waste any more money on changing labels and passing laws that no one is going to really appreciate. We don’t have the extra money to spend, and our tax dollars could be spent in areas far more useful than labels stating the already obvious.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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