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Going Low Carb On A Budget

October 6, 2014 by Aaron Snyder in Aaron's Blog with 0 Comments

Beef prices are rising. Organic eggs are obnoxiously expensive. Only the wealthiest Americans have financially bounced back from the Great Recession so far. And fast food will almost always be cheaper than quality low carb food. How can we keep low carb affordable in these hard times?

  1. Don’t buy organic, grass fed meat. I personally don’t. I’ve never felt the need. The media has done a fantastic job of blurring the lines on whether total calories and quality of fats, proteins, and carbs matters any more, favoring instead to label fat burning foods as organic, gluten free, or “natural.” I have a personal pet peeve against the word natural when used for food. A shelf stocker at Whole Foods once told me with zeal that all their sodas were fine for my diabetes because they were 100% natural. Truth be told, gluten free, organic, and natural matter little in the world of fat loss. They do not and never will matter as much as high protein, low carb, low glycemic carb, no sugar, high fiber, or low calorie. Those phrases equal fat loss, and the more of those phrases that can describe a particular food, the more likely it is to cause fat loss, regardless of whether that food is gluten free, grass fed, or organic.
  2. Buy cheaper cuts of meat in bulk, then marinade it for days in cheap red wine. I’m not joking. Sirloin steak is $6.99 per pound right now, and I cringe to admit that is a cheaper cut of meat, but it is. I eat 10 ounces per day for 5 days, so I buy over 4 pounds in bulk (which I often get a discount on), then soak it in $2.99 Merlot or pinot to break down the meat. I’ll also buy tri-tip steaks and grill those as I like the higher fat content.
  3. Make your own food like I do and bring it to work instead of buying it there. Please do not tell me you don’t have the time to prepare food at home. I will personally write a “fast ways to prepare food at home” blog for each and every person who writes me they need help with time management regarding cooking, but please do not dismiss this and tell me you do not have the time. Buying fresh and preparing your food at home is always going to be cheaper than paying someone else to make the same thing for you, so if money is the issue, consider this trade off carefully. I have mastered helping my son with his algebra while grilling steaks and cooking omelets at once. Just don’t ask me to pick out matching clothes.
  4. Cook chicken or pork instead of beef. They are both far cheaper, and the cheap red wine marinade works great here too.
  5. Eat eggs! They improve HDL cholesterol, especially when on a low carb diet, and are cheaper by the dozen, pun intended. I eat an omelet every morning with some salsa.
  6. Don’t buy bagged veggies. If you have to chop it, you didn’t have to pay somebody else to do it for you.
  7. Buy what’s on sale. Being flexible enough to eat the sirloin on sale one week, the chicken the next, and pork the third will stretch your dollar at the grocery store immensely.
  8. Eat these cheaper low carb foods!
    • Eggs
    • Chicken
    • Pork
    • Tuna
    • Bluefish
    • Catfish
    • Mussels
    • Feta Cheese
    • Full fat cottage cheese

Always remember that the investment you make in yourself prevents having to pay a doctor or hospital hundreds to thousands of times more later down the road to not fix you, but just patch up you up well enough to keep you going. When my father had his heart attack, the hospital bill was more than $300 thousand. Had we not had insurance, we would have gone bankrupt. So be grateful that you can save some money at the grocery store when going low carb, but be even more thankful that you’re doing some preventative medicine every time you do!


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