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What’s The Real The Secret To Weight Loss?

September 7, 2014 by Aaron Snyder in Aaron's Blog with 0 Comments

The secret to weight loss is consistency. Just keep doing whatever it is that has helped you lose weight, and you will continue to do so.

Note that means the latest bullshit supplement or fad diet is absolutely NOT the secret to weight loss because you can’t keep doing it.

Lesson – only follow a weight loss program that you can follow for the long term unless you only care about being lean now and fatter later when you rebound weight gain.

If you find this advice trivial, it may be because you believe in perfection. Notice I did not call this post “The Best Secret To Weight Loss,” even though it would have gotten more clicks.

It would also be useless.

You don’t want to follow the best weight loss regime there is. It’s too strict. I wouldn’t want to follow it either. No one can be perfect 100% of the time. It’s not in our nature. Instead, you want to follow a sound weight loss regime that you can practice long term, which means it cannot be more strict than you’re able to follow.

In other words, any diet that feels like holding your breath where you can’t wait to be done is going to fail. Don’t bother starting it. And that’s what all perfect diets would feel like.

And here’s another weight loss secret – the more weight you have to lose, the less perfect your weight loss regime gets to be.

Think about it. If you have 100 pounds to lose, you got there by eating horribly. You weren’t eating baked chicken, eggs, and broccoli at every meal. The chicken was fried, the eggs were sandwiched inside a McMuffin, and the broccoli had cheese and bacon on it.

Such a refined diet inevitably makes you overeat without trying. So what’s your secret to weight loss?

  1. Eat less of that junk.
  2. Just replace one shitty meal with one good meal.
  3. Deliberately.

Yes. Honestly admit to yourself that you eat like crap. Don’t judge the fact. I’m not. I’ve been there too. Just accept it. Then promise yourself you will replace your shitty breakfast with some eggs, lean ham, and tomato slices. Just do that one thing. If that breakfast is better than the one you’ve been eating, you will lose weight.

Lesson – all a weight loss diet has to do to work is be better than what you’re doing right now.

Of course, the good breakfast/shitty after diet will stop helping you in a few weeks. You’ll also have made this healthy breakfast a habit by the end, will have more energy, and less cravings. So what do you do now? Replace another shitty meal with another good one.

I call this the imperfect diet. It works, but it requires that instead of striving to go all at once from the diet that gained you 100 pounds to a diet that will help you lose 125 pounds, to a diet that you’ll be far more likely to follow for the long term.

Biggest Lesson – whether trying to lose 100 pounds or managing a 100 pound weight loss, we all have habits that we are working on to get to the next weight loss level.

Obviously, someone who has lost 100 pounds has more weight loss habits ingrained into their brain than someone just beginning that journey. But the weight loss centurion still has stuff to work on. I still do too. Stay tuned for the second addition to this post to learn about how to manage those new habits.

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