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If You Just Want To Feel Fuller (HINT: Fiber)…

September 3, 2014 by Aaron Snyder in Aaron's Blog with 0 Comments

ANSWER: Mix 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk fiber with 1 teaspoon of powdered glucomannan fiber in 10 ounce of water, stir, and drink immediately.

What is fiber

Psyllium and glucomannan are soluble fibers that when mixed with water expand in size. This slows the digestion of food while making you feel further, cutting back on how much you want to eat, and how soon you’ll want to eat again. Remember – you can tell a food from good or bad by how long it takes before you become hungry again. Compare eating white bread toast with jelly to eggs, two meals that are equivalent in calories. Which one makes you hungrier sooner?

How to take these fiber supplements

  • Take no medications or supplements within 2 hours of this drink since it can interfere with absorption.
  • Have a second glass of water if you feel the need.
  • Take 15 minutes before a meal to cut back on how much you’ll eat.
  • Alternatively, if you just want to delay how long it will take for you to become hungry again, you can take the fiber drink right after eating.

Why fiber works

Consuming even 14 grams of fiber per day has been shown to reduce caloric intake by 10% (women need about 25 grams and men about 30 grams of fiber daily). A 10% caloric reduction is enough to give you sustained weight loss, and if you’re not going to eat your vegetables or eat enough of them, a fiber supplement is an imperfect solution. Is it as good for you as eating vegetables? No, but for fullness and convenience, it works well, and I have 2 such drinks daily as I am also guilty of not getting enough green things during my low carb weekdays. Fiber in supplement or vegetable form also helps reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while boosting the good HDL cholesterol.

Where to get these fiber supplements

Psyllium husks are pretty easy to find in drug stores and online. You can Google Konjac root or glucomannan powder online and get 100 servings of 5 grams for around $25. Here is a picture of the brand I use.

The best glucomannan powder brand

The best glucomannan powder brand

Warning – do not use glucomannan pills – if you do, break them open and pour the fiber right into the water. Swallowing the pills makes the fiber expand inside the pill, nullifying the effects.

Again, taking a fiber supplement is not the perfect answer to eating enough fiber, but it’s better than what 99% of us do right now, which is doing nothing about getting enough fiber. I’ll work on adding my veggies and you do the same, but this is quick and easy and has tangible weight loss and health benefits, so drink up!

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