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Work Stress Increases Diabetes Risk – DUH

August 25, 2014 by Aaron Snyder in Aaron's Blog with 0 Comments

So a new study shows that being under stress at work can make you more likely to get type 2 diabetes.

Well no shit.

Publishing a study that work stress increases diabetes risk brings out the ire in me because all it does is confirm something that we

  1. Should already know
  2. Should have already acted on

What the study says:

“People who reported high levels of job strain–weighing factors like tight deadlines, conflicting demands, or too much to do–were 45 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes during a 13-year follow-up than those in calmer environments.”

Publishing a study that work stress increases diabetes risk has value in three ways

  1. It measures statistically just how much work stress can raise your average chance of getting type 2 diabetes (45%)
  2. It defines what work stress is (tight deadlines, conflicting demands, or too much to do)
  3. Since the media loves shocking and frightening studies, it reintroduces a truth into the national spot light using real data to hopefully get us to change (work stress causes diabetes, OMG!!!!) – and that is it’s real value.

What’s really happening in those 13 years for these people

  1. The stress is hammering on their body
  2. They are eating more junk food
  3. They are eating more, period
  4. They are exercising less
  5. They are growing fatter
  6. Their stressed out fat cells are making them hungrier.
  7. They act on those impulses.
  8. They still don’t exercise.
  9. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

In other words, before anyone goes off the deep end and thinks a lean marathon runner will all of a sudden develop type 2 diabetes, think again. These office workers’ lifestyles are changing even more than their bodies. The less healthy lifestyle feeds into the stressed work place which causes more bad lifestyle choices, and the circle continues.

So the best lesson I can possibly say this study teaches is this:

Be MINDFUL that stress in the work place can be a significant impetus to make you want to eat worse, exercise less, and cut back on sleep.

So now that everyone is scared (again) of getting type 2 diabetes, and now that the link between stress and type 2 diabetes Is even clearer, I pose this question to you.

Now what?

You now have another frightening reason to change. You already knew stress, weight gain, and therefore diabetes were linked. You now get to say that you have almost a 50% greater chance than non-stressed out workers of getting type 2 diabetes IF YOU LET WORK STRESS DRIVE YOU TO EAT SHIT AND NEVER EXERCISE

It may help to remind you that there is someone out there with a worse job than you, with more kids than you, who makes less money than you, who has over all a sadder life story than you, who is managing to exercise and eat right.

This is study is just a warning. It’s really warning number 104,653 because we already knew we needed to work out more and eat better. Perhaps this one will be our wake up call.

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