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My Take On Aaron’s Blog Regarding Paula Dean – Future Former Fatty Blog 178

I just read Aaron’s blog on Paula Dean describing vehemently the hypocrisy of Paula Dean’s method of weight loss and diabetes control. Wow! Aaron’s blog was very powerful and spot on. I have to say, I was quite shocked.

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First of all, I admit I have always been a huge Paula Dean fan. Don’t look so surprised. Every fatty I know loves her cooking. Who wouldn’t? But after reading Aaron’s blog, well let’s just say, I realize how very naïve I am, and how easy it is to succumb to all the hype.

Imagine the queen of the all American southern kitchen announcing a change in her ways of eating and cooking because she was diagnosed diabetic when, in reality, she had been diagnosed three years prior, did nothing about it until she was offered a huge fee to endorse a diabetic medication with the caveat that she had to lose weight.

I have to tell you, I am so sick of people promoting products, endorsing these products only because of the financial reward. Where is anyone’s integrity? Had she said that she had been diagnosed three years before and did nothing about it, and now was approached by a pharmaceutical company to represent them by using their product and losing weight, and then succeeding, I could respect her. What’s wrong with that?

Heck, we are all human. We all have been given bad news at one time or another that we don’t want to face. Personally, I have been the duchess of denial. Remember last August I told you how badly I injured my back? The doctor never said it wouldn’t have been so bad if I lost weight, but I knew that I would have been more flexible and less likely to get injured if I was at a healthy weight and in shape.

You think that all that pain I went through lit a fire under my big fat ass and motivate to stick to my plan for longer than a week? Come on! Get real! I have proven that I am a true food addict.

Miss Dean, you have had enough bad publicity for a lifetime. I can only hope you do some deep inner reflection and take an honest look at what you represent. I don’t have a problem with you endorsing products and losing weight. I do however have a problem with you using the press to promote sympathy from the public for a diagnosis you received three years prior, had done nothing about, and then professing to the public as if it is current news and you had an life-changing moment.

Aaron is right about your recipes. Fabulous in taste yes, healthy cuisine to improve diabetes and lose weight, absolutely not. You can disguise a carb all you want but the truth is the truth. A diet high in carbs versus a healthy lifestyle of lean proteins, healthy fats, and well-chosen carbs such as vegetables and some fruit will not dissipate diabetes nor will it trim down pounds.

The proof is in the pudding (pardon the pun). Paula, my dear, I love your cooking. I don’t do your recipes any more unless I am using it as a planned “cheat”. Your recipes are not meant for everyday healthy living. They are for treating ourselves. Using them regularly means staying in denial about our lack of health.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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