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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Enemy Carbs Recognized By Celebrities – Future Former Fatty Blog 179

Even celebrities recognize carbs as a dietary enemy.

I love Bravo T.V. One of my favorite shows is Million Dollar Listing New York. I watch it faithfully.

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The other night I was surprised by an incident on the show. One of the cast members, Ryan Serhant, was frustrated with one of his listings. In the scene, he opens his desk drawer and pulls out Pop Tarts to the appalled look of his assistant. She chastises him for eating Pop Tarts. She tells him not to eat his frustrations. He ignores her and continues eating the second Pop Tart. His assistant is now really getting on his case stating that he knows how bad carbs are for anyone. Ryan reaches over and shuts the glass door between them. He proceeds to open his desk drawer. The drawer is filled to the brim with various sugar-heavy foods, candy, cookies, etc. He grabs a candy bar.

That drawer was the drawer of a future fatty and diabetic. Holy schmoly! It goes to show you we all have a stash, and some people’s stashes are awesome! Did I say awesome? I meant awfully bad for you.

The real point is even thin, healthy, sexy-bodied people are human and can be brought to their knees under stress and can be influenced into giving in to unhealthy carbs. But a far more important point is that thin people recognize the harm overindulging in bad carbs do to our bodies. Maybe that is why they are thin. Maybe they figured out the secret of healthy living and were raised with this knowledge while the rest of us were brought up on commercials promoting sugar laden cereals and quick, lack of nutritional value Pop Tarts.

If people who never had an ounce to lose and have a fabulous body avoid carbs, possibly they are thin because they know to avoid carbs. Is it sinking in to us fatty foodies? We have to eat less carbs to get thinner, maintain a healthy body, and have phenomenal energy. Who would have thought?

The only difference between celebrities and regular folk and us folks is they are ahead of the game of health because they have the nasty carb thing figured out. We are, instead, looking for ways to getting around the notion of giving up carbs because we don’t want to really give them up.

Instead, we need to follow Aaron’s advice. Minimize carbs during the week, and learn the art of carb cycling. This way, we learn the importance of taking our health seriously and doing what is best for us, understanding that we are not giving up foods we love, but instead we are learning to eat them occasionally and in real moderation. Hey, if Ryan’s assistant knows carbs will not solve his frustration and only impact him in unhealthy ways, and she is slender herself, perhaps, we might take a lesson from her and pay attention to the reality that if we want to lose weight, keep it off, and be healthy, we have to limit our carb intake, especially carbs that have no nutritional value at all, to a minimum. Not give them up. Don’t panic. Control our intake so we reach our goals and live the life we deserve.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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