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Your Own Worst Enemy When It Comes To Weight Loss – Future Former Fatty Blog 149

Bring on the weight loss! Spring is here which means bathing suit season is soon approaching. You hate shopping for a bathing suit. You hate your body. You promised yourself you would lose weight and get bikini ready by summer, and you made the promise last summer when you missed out on pool parties and the beach because you didn’t want to go swimming in shorts and a T shirt because you felt you were too fat and to embarrassed to wear a bathing suit. Whew!

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Aren’t you sick and tired of feeling this way? I know I am. Wasn’t I just writing about his yesterday and planning on how much I would have lost for this coming summer – and this coming summer is almost here.

I have a wedding coming up this July. I am determined to lose at least fifty pounds. I hate shopping for clothes when I am fat, especially for bathing suits and evening gowns.

Hating bathing suit shopping is obvious, but evening gowns are not much better. First of all, everything is strapless. Have you seen my fat arms and huge boobs? It is an Orthodox wedding. They’re stricter than the Catholics. There is no way I can enter the church without an evening jacket to cover my fat arms.

My arms are so fat that the amount of skin showing would equal a thin girl naked. Ba dum dum! Plus, even if I find a dress that covers my arms without a jacket, most of the choices of dresses with arms looks like something my grandmother would wear. Great on her, not so much for me.

I try on a five dresses. No! No! No! Not flattering to my round shape. Didn’t anyone tell the designers to design the waistline in gowns to make us look thinner? And what’s with the sack dresses? We want shape and style!

So, here we are, trying on clothes and cursing ourselves for letting not a day but months go by without losing weight. We look in the mirror with pure disgust. I’ve been known to stick out my tongue at my reflection in the dressing room mirror a time or two. Making hideous faces at myself has also happened a time or two, which usually makes me laugh out loud at myself.

So what’s the solution? The answer is…stop being so mean to yourself. I say this for me too! There’s enough judgment in the world without us adding to it, especially against ourselves.

Instead, let’s get proactive. Let’s not let another minute, another day, another week, and another month turn into another year of accomplishing nothing towards losing our excess weight.

I don’t know if any of us will ever like swimsuit shopping, but if we lose even ten pounds, or more, there will be more choices we have at our fingertips – more choices of styles, increasing the likelihood of success when we shop.

Don’t be your own worst enemy. Be your best friend throughout the journey. We can do it! See you at the mall smaller!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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