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Subconsciously, Would You Rather Be Fat? Future Former Fatty Blog 153

Recently, a question was posed to me asking I think that subconsciously some people would rather keep weight on because dealing with their weight pushes their other problems further back into their mind. It is an interesting concept, and I have given it a great deal of thought.

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The answer is yes and no. Let me explain. It will make sense to you once I do.

If a person has dealt with weight issues most of their life, this is familiar territory to them. Being chubby is almost as natural to them as their eye color. Life-long fatties are used to being in their chubby skins. And being thin becomes a problem not so much because they are fat, but more because people are taught being fat, and the way fat people look, is not acceptable to other people.

If no one made fun of the fat kid, fat kids would think they were okay about their size. If physicians did not tell us being overweight was bad for us, there would probably be more fat people. If fashion magazines did not depict models as super lean but instead as average-sized people, and even overweight people (not including the current trend of the last few years of heavier models used in large women magazines), people would be less concerned about getting super thin. I would even venture to guess that if people could eat and eat and eat without health repercussions, people would eat constantly. We all love to eat.

Weight issues are a common problem in the world. Most people, even those most of us would consider thin, worry about their weight or gaining weight. Weight concerns are not only for those who are just a little chubby, fat, or downright obese. It is a universal concern. Losing weight, getting into shape, getting healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle is something everyone talks about.

Therefore, even if we are morbidly obese, we still fit in with the rest of the world sharing the common goal to get healthy. And it is not that we would rather be fat to push our other problems away. Instead, our weight is such a common problem that it is almost a comfortable place to be because we know all about being fat.

Especially people who have fought weight most of their life. It may not be the biggest problem or even their worst problem they face, but it is one hardest problems and most likely the longest sustaining problem anyone will ever face. Think about it. Divorce, death, loss of jobs are examples of serious problems people face. These problems usually resolve themselves over a period of time.

Weight problems, especially if you are one of us who have spent more years fat than thin, become just another daily problem. Don’t get me wrong. I am not being cavalier about obesity. There is nothing flippant or cavalier about dealing with weight problems. I am just saying it is a problem that becomes part of our daily lives.

It is because we hate being fat so much that we struggle. It is because of the health risks of obesity that we attempt diet after diet. It is because being fat is looked upon negatively. It is because we form coping habits using food to self-medicate that our problem with our weight consumes us as we continue to consume food. It is because some foods, especially sugar, not only give us a quick boost, but in their natural properties creates addiction.

Chocolate is bitter. Add sugar you get addicted to chocolate. Eaten in its natural state, chocolate would not be addictive.

As far as staying fat to avoid other problems, I think that would be a no. Fat or thin, we will still have problems. The only reason being fat and losing weight becomes our first problem and pushes other problems aside is because we literally carry our problem with us on our bodies, whereas other problems can be put aside at times.

We might go thru a divorce, lose a job, lose a loved one, but work and other daily obligations allows us to push those problems aside even for minutes at a time. When we are fat, we carry that problem with us, all over our bodies, day in and day out no matter where we go and how busy we are.

No, I would rather not be fat so I can push other problems away to the side. I would rather be thin so I have one less problem to focus on. And chances are if I am thin, I am working out to stay thin and healthy living a healthier lifestyle which would produce endorphins, uplifting my mood, clearing my head so I can deal with other problems more effectively.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, future former fatty.

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