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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

I Have A Drug Addiction – Future Former Fatty Blog 162

Hi, my name is Linda Misleh Wagner, and I am addicted to sugar. They say admitting a problem is halfway there to solving the problem. Well, you all have heard many of my stories, and you know that I struggle to lose weight. To me, sugar should be labeled a drug just as if it is cocaine or heroin. Read on to see why I feel so strongly about this.

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I started my journey writing blogs for Aaron to serve two purposes. One was to lose weight, journal my progress for you, encourage both of us to strive and meet our personal goals, and be the poster child for Aaron’s site showing you that if I can lose weight, so can you.

The second purpose was very selfish. I was offered the opportunity to work with Aaron, and I grabbed it. He is a tremendous person and role model. I knew I could learn much from him. I just have to apply his wisdom

I feel I have let you and Aaron and me down. I lost twenty-three pounds initially, and I have gained back thirteen pounds. Some poster child, huh.

I am here to tell you I am not quitting or giving up. And I ask that you don’t give up on yourself or me. One of the greatest most rewarding gifts I have received in writing these blogs is I have really gotten to know myself and just how badly I am addicted to sugar.

Sometimes, I crave it so badly that I am blinded to sense and reason. Can you relate? Do you experience the same inability to control your mind and your desire to get “high” off of sugar?

We all know sugar is bad for us. Yet, despite our intelligence, this gastronomical excuse of refined sugar is overtaking our children, our nation, and us. We consume more refined sugar in our country per person than any other country. Even France, known for their pastries, does not consume sugar like we do and so does not have the epidemic proportion of obesity afflicting our nation, and now afflicting our children.

The only way to stop the insanity of this addiction is to not consume it at all. At first it may seem easy, but trust me, if you are a sugar-addicted fool as I am, you will suffer withdrawals like a damned junkie. But, after several days without sugar, the craving will cease. The body will begin to heal and metabolize good clean food more efficiently, and in doing so, our bodies will release stored fat, and we will lose weight.

I know it, and you know it. Let’s not give up or give in. We have to beat the cheat, crush the addiction into oblivion, and help one another to overcome our sugar propensity.

I cannot express to you how deeply I want to succeed so that I can empower others to succeed, leading by example. Forgive me that I have failed us thus far. The journey to overcome a serious addiction is not easy, especially when the addiction is to sugar and food. We eat to live, and we live to eat. It just doesn’t seem fair, but life isn’t fair.

I am going to work more closely with Aaron from this day forward. Every week, I will tell you where I am at in weight loss and inches lost. I pray I don’t have to tell you that I blew it or gained weight because I want to show both you and I that we can lose weight, keep it off, and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.

My name is Linda Misleh Wagner, and I am addicted to sugar, and I will do all I can to abstain from sugar. I recommit to me and to you with deepest sincerity.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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