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Another Reason To Hate Satan Sugar – Future Former Fatty Blog 156

As I spend another precious amount of time contemplating why I struggle to lose weight, I realize I have another reason to hate Satan Sugar. By the way, that is going to be my name for sugar forever. Satan Sugar.

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I was thinking about how all the foods most people love contain sugar. And Satan Sugar is in just about everything we eat. Have you ever wondered why manufacturers put high fructose corn syrup in so many products? The reason is because food companies want us to buy their products. Satan sugar is addicting. Because it is addicting and has the ability to make us crave Satan sugar desperately, food manufacturers will find ways to incorporate Satan sugar so that we will love the taste of their foods and want to buy more and more and more.

Think about it like this. How many people love chocolate? Most women have professed they prefer chocolate over sex. Why is that? It comes down to Satan sugar is more addictive than sex.

Let’s talk about chocolate. I love chocolate. I love milk chocolate in particular. I love when milk chocolate is warmed in your hand just enough so that when you place that piece of chocolate onto your tongue, it begins to melt into a sweet creamy dreamy confection. Just writing about it gives me almost the same sense of satisfaction as to eating an actual piece of chocolate. (Note to self: imagine eating and savoring a piece of milk chocolate without actually doing so long enough to feel the same satisfaction without consuming chocolate. That would make that “piece” of chocolate no calorie, no sugar, and still manage to give me a sense of fulfillment).

So what drives us to lose our senses over a piece of chocolate? The answer is Satan sugar. Chocolate would not be consumed by anyone in its natural form. It is far too bitter. It is the sugar blended into the chocolate that creates the taste we crave.

How about cookies and cake? Flour, butter, and eggs mixed into a bowl would taste awful without Satan sugar. No one would eat raw cookie dough or lick the cake batter off the beaters if sugar was not a part of the mixture. It is the combination of everything and especially the sugar that creates the perfect storm for fatness and addiction.

Even foods that seemingly do not have much sugar within them still contain just enough to entice our taste buds to want more and more. Bread, pasta, corn, potatoes, carrots, and peas along with many other foods are not foods we would consider as sweet foods. They are in fact starchy foods. Yet, what is starch but a form of Satan sugar.

It makes sense that when people live a low carb lifestyle, and they give up white flour products, and products that contain sugar, not only do they lose weight, but they also lose their addiction to Satan sugar. It is not until they “go off the wagon” that the craving for Satan sugar comes back. One taste of Satan sugar, and we are going down the highway of addiction.

Take a look at the labels of some of your favorite foods within your house. Satan sugar is probably one of the first three ingredients. Run! Throw it out! Save yourself from this evil food product! Ketchup! Barbeque sauce! Breakfast cereal. Muffins, cakes, pie, cookies are just some of the items

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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