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Update On Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson – Future Former Fatty Blog 160

Biggest Loser’s Rachel Frederickson made the news again. Rachel was the contestant that not only won the Biggest Loser but gained notoriety because she lost one hundred fifty-five pounds, bringing her weight to one hundred and five pounds. Her tiny skeletal frame shocked America, driving masses to comment on her massive weight loss.

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I blogged months ago about it myself, expressing everyone’s shock as over done. Yes, I agree she got down to an unhealthy weight. And yes, I was concerned if her state of mind was in a good place. Sometimes when people lose weight, especially after being heavy for such a great length of time, they have a distorted view of their bodies. They still see themselves as fat even though they clearly are not.

But based on her interviews, I was not concerned that Rachel had a misguided viewpoint of her size. I think she simply was on a roll, exuberant over her weight loss, and focusing on getting and staying thin. I felt that within a reasonable amount of time, Rachel would begin to put weight back on. My hope was that she would only put on enough weight to be healthy and not begin to regain unhealthy weight.

The exciting news is Rachel has gained twenty pounds bringing her weight to a healthy one hundred and twenty-five pounds. As she has said recently, she is now in the maintenance phase, learning to maintain her weight and continue with her new healthy lifestyle.

She has been “attacked” recently for spending Rachel too much time at the gym. Again, I caution people to refrain from being so judgmental. I am confidant that Rachel will find her natural groove with her weight and her exercise regimen. Right now she is flying high with her new body and its physical abilities. I say let’s just be happy for her and encouraging.

Maintaining one’s weight is sometimes harder than losing weight. The last thing Rachel needs is people commenting negatively. Instead, let’s cheer her on and be supportive. Peer pressure and negative commentary will only put undue pressure on Rachel. And as we all know, none of us do well when we are under the microscope of others. Good luck, Rachel, and keep up the great work.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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