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Attack of the Binge Eater Monster – Future Former Fatty Blog 150

There’s a binge eater monster lurking closer to us than we know. This hideous evil creature targets wonderful amazing people. Once he gets close he takes over, forcing you to do dastardly deeds to your body.

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Blog 150

He is so cunning that at first you are unaware that he has infiltrated. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you begin to crave peanut M&Ms. Okay, you think, a few M&Ms won’t hurt.

You plop three or four candies into your mouth. Boy, that was so good. Okay, just a couple of more won’t hurt. I’ll just put a few in a small dish. Wow, a small dish can hold a quarter of the bag. That’s okay. I won’t eat all of them.

You sit down at your desk and begin to check e-mails. You reach for a couple of the M&Ms. Answer an e-mail. Reach for a couple more M&Ms. Answer another e-mail. Fifteen minutes later, you finish answering e-mails, and decide to go to bed.

You turn to reach for the small dish of M&Ms so you can put them into an airtight container. What? They’re all gone. No way! You ate the whole dish of M&Ms! How could you have eaten them all? You are incredulous. How did this happen?

I’ll tell you how it happened. Your body has been attacked by the binge eater monster. He clouds your judgment so you don’t pay attention to what you are consuming. He feigns soothing your nerves that need calming after a hard day. He seduces you into thinking you are in control. He injects denial into the cortex of your brain. This evil monster leaves you wanting more of his poison until food that used to feel so good to you, now turn on you badly. You can’t even think how to eat healthy anymore. All you crave is bad, unhealthy food – lots and lots of food, at all hours and at strange times.

Suddenly, you awake to find yourself out of control and in pain. Your body is rebelling. It is swollen and unrecognizable. Buttons are popping, zippers cannot make the trek up over your flabby, once firm and flat, belly. You look at yourself in the mirror.

A terror filled scream escapes from you from your very depths. You have been seduced by him. You have become a binge overeater. This is what he wanted. He wanted to control you to the point of you being out of control. And now he wants more from you.

The binge eater monster wants you to go forth and multiply. He wants you to overtake others around you, filling their bellies with the same poison he made you creave. Multiply! Ha Ha Haaaa! He hisses and laughs at you.

You cry and scramble to find the antidote to his poison. You search near and far purchasing one elixir after another all promising to rid you from the binge eater monster. Nothing is working.

You have to dig down dip within your soul. Reach deeper and deeper! Commit! You must commit, which is the last thing the binge eater monster wants. He wants you to fail.

You won’t let him win. You have found the map to your salvation.

UlimateWeightLossRx.com has the key to regaining your sanity. You register to become a member. The binge eater monster tries to sabotage your efforts. It is all in vain. Step by step, day by day, you follow the path Aaron Snyder has laid before you.

Time goes by, and just when you think you cannot go on any longer, that your body is fighting your success, that the binge eater monster is making another attempt to woo you away from health, Aaron reminds you that you are invincible. You are capable of success.

That day comes. You step on the scale. There it is, like an X on a map, a beacon in the dark, the scale shows you have reached your goal. You don’t know if you want to jump up and down, or dance, or scream for joy. All you know is you are back in charge of your body.

The earth begins to shake violently. The roof of the bathroom blows up exploding into the air. Then you see it and are humbled by what you see. They skies are dark but only for a moment, and then just as quickly, the universe banishes the binge eater monster to hell. The sky becomes brilliantly blue. You are free! You are free!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Binge Eater Monster.

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