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I was comparing notes over dinner with friends. We were discussing our favorite topic of course, losing weight and current diets. It’s amazing how many hours of our conversational life is devoted to this subject.

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One of my friends was doing the “colonic cleanse”. Basically she was drinking warm water with lemon juice, raw maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. She said this diet is created to really clean out your intestines and colon. She said she purchased the ingredients she needed and would begin a weeklong regimen beginning tomorrow.

Another friend said she had tried to do the colon cleanse but was disgusted with the taste of the water-lemon juice concoction. She also said she felt very weak after a few days on the cleanse. And she added that she did lose nine pounds in the three days on the cleanse, but that she gained ten pounds back as soon as she started eating.

Personally, I’d rather be fat than do a colon cleanse. The concoction sounds gross. I like to eat too much. Frankly, I want to learn to eat everything I love and lose weight and keep it off too.

While researching another topic I ran across a blog site by Dr. Peter Attia. His site, eatingacademy.com, is very insightful. He makes note that people do not realize that when they do the commercial diets to lose weight they are actually following a low carb diet. He points out that the most successful commercial diets, Weight Watchers and Slimfast, are actually low carb diets, and then he goes on to break them down along with Atkins’ induction and phase two plans, South Beach, the Zone, and a few other very popular diets.

There was so much information on his site that I encourage our members to check it out. We learn from one another. Plus, I feel Dr. Attia’s site only reinforces the fact that low carbohydrate diets are healthy. He poo-poos the naysayers. I was really impressed by his site.

I would love a sit down with Aaron and Dr. Attia to discuss common goals, ideologies, and methods in helping people reach their goals including myself. His website, EatingAcademy.com, like Aaron’s, offers its readers intense medical knowledge about so many diseases; but what really captured my attention were his blogs filled with evidence linking sugar to so many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s.

I will say he does tend to get quite a bit wordy and speaks in a medical capacity with concurrent medical jargon, but the information makes it well worth weeding through all the technical jargon. Like www.TheUltimateWeightlossRx.com and Aaron, Dr. Attia drives home the point that living in a ketosis state is living in a healthy state. We just do not need to consume excess carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates.

It can be so difficult to give up foods we admittedly are passionate about, be it pasta, bread, candy, or any other carb. But these foods should be treated as toxic substances. You wouldn’t consume poisonous household cleaners because they would be toxic to your body. So why do we have so much difficulty in letting go of a substance that absolutely serves us no healthy purpose and is so detrimental to our bodies that even consuming small amounts can lead to an addictive behavior undermining our well-being. More to come on this topic I promise you. It is too enveloping to put into a single blog.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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