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Well Wishes Alexis Shapiro – Future Former Fatty Blog 159

Twelve year old, Alexis Shapiro underwent surgery to reduce her stomach by eighty percent. You might be wondering why anyone in his or her sane mind would allow a twelve year old to have gastric by-pass or any type of weight loss surgery. Well, read on friends.

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Alexis weighed two hundred pounds on her four foot seven inch frame. This poor child was not a victim of parents who did not care about their daughter’s health. On the contrary, this adorable child had already had surgery to remove a brain tumor at just nine years old.

The tumor caused a rare condition which completely destroyed her metabolism causing a once healthy weighted nine year old unable to control her appetite. Alexis was so heavy she could not do simple things such as cross her fingers. Even her sight was affected because her cheeks were so fat that they hindered her sight.

My heart goes out to Alexis and her family. This is so much for a child to endure. Alexis, I sincerely wish you well.

Can you imagine gaining weight because your body is working against you, out of whack, and your appetite out of control? Morbid obesity must be terribly frightening for a child and their families.

Then to have it caused by a brain tumor, another disease with no fault to the victim. It is so bizarre that it is hard to believe a child could go through so much.

This made me think about us normal fatties. Our weight did not come on because of a brain tumor. Nor did it come on but things happening to us that are out of our control.

Our weight came on because we abuse food. Some people tell me they just love to eat, and that their obesity has nothing to do with a lack of self control, but that it has more to do with they just would rather eat than be healthy.

Okay. If you are happy with yourself, then more power to you. But, if you are like me, you eat for reasons other than nourishment. And, when it comes to the area of food and weight loss, as much as we say we want it, we don’t want to have to give up much. We love to eat, and we use food to self-medicate.

I am proud of Alexis Shapiro for her courage to undergo surgery to correct her metabolism issues. It is an easy decision. I pray she will be able to sustain her weight loss, re-learn and regain healthy eating patterns, and I am very grateful that her type 2 diabetes has been eradicated. She is so young and brave to have dealt with so much in her life thus far.

The next time any of us want to over indulge, binge eat, or grab something when we shouldn’t, remember Alexis Shapiro. Remember we do have the ability to reach within us and find the self-control that has eluded us for too long.

No matter the reasons why we overeat, ultimately, we are not forced to binge eat, and be out of control. Whether we succumb to binging because of emotional reasons, anger, depression, fear, and every other emotion, it is always our choice. It is not easy, but no matter what, ultimately we are in the driver’s seat.

Alexis, I will say it again. I wish you well. I hope and pray you never regain your weight lost, and that you live to grow into a healthy young woman. I pray you will be a constant reminder to some of us that we are blessed. We haven’t had brain tumors requiring surgery. We own the weight on our bodies. Keep Alexis as a beacon for us in our minds that we are blessed that we do have control of our bodies. We just have to use that control more often than not.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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