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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Are You a Food Junkie? Future Former Fatty Blog 142

Are you a food Junkie? Food junkies know what I am talking about. A food junkie is someone who has an addiction to food. If they do not get their fix of certain foods, food junkies will suffer actual withdrawal symptoms.

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Most food junkies crave sugar. Sugar is our crack cocaine. Thankfully, we don’t have to take a sugar cube, crush it, and make lines with a razor blade, and then snort it to get high. We just have to eat the stuff.

Sugar is much easier to get on the streets. Just walk in to any supermarket or convenience store, and all the sugar and sugar-laden food is there for the taking. And let’s not forget our precious Girl Scout cookies this time of the year. I love Girl Scouts. I was a Girl Scout. And unfortunately, I also love Girl Scout Cookies.

Gas stations have racks of food filled with sugar. Restaurants, coffee shops, and even hospitals have sugar in their food products. Everywhere we go sugar is easily available.

Notice salt is another white substance like sugar and cocaine. Chips, crackers, salted nuts, and the prepared foods we use are filled with the other white powder, salt. Some food junkies are salt cravers instead of sugar cravers.

What’s really scary is how many foods have both sugar and salt. Talk about getting a sky high high. One of my favorite appetizers is bacon wrapped dates you bake in the oven. The dates wrapped in bacon are a perfect blend of sweet, salt, and savory. Yum, right? And you can’t just stop at one.

Oh my God! I am so sorry. I am not here to be a food pusher! But this blog’s purpose is to make you realize that you are a food junkie. And if you have found yourself fantasizing about your favorite sugar or salt rich foods are you read, it is doing its job. Now you have to come forward and admit so you can do something about it.

Let this be our intervention. We have to stop using the white stuff. Oh! Oh! Another revelation! Flour is white! Another form of food crack.

Notice how all the worst food for you contain sugar, salt, and or flour. Hmm. We have to fight the addiction. Let’s make a pact to kick the white stuff habit. No more of the food-crack foods that only feed our addiction, make us fat, and push us into a world of oblivion.

Food junkies don’t show their habit in the form of track marks from needles. We show our habit on our bodies with stretch marks and excess blubber. At first we put on a few not-too-noticeable pounds. But before we know it, we can’t hide our addiction. No matter how much we try to pretend we do not have a problem, the scale we step on, the clothes we buy sizes larger, and the lack of a seat belt in our car fitting around us without an extension is obvious to all. The only ones in denial are we.

Fight against the addiction! Join forces with other fatties to become future former fatties. We can win this war against the white stuff.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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