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Are You A First Responder In Your Own Life – Future Former Fatty Blog 140

Recently, I watched a television documentary about terrorists attacks on our great country and the aftermath of those attacks. The show was sad to watch, of course. People living their lives, taking care of their families, and minding their own business caught up in an explosion brought on by some insane fanatical maniacs.

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What struck me as inspiring were the men and women who are first responders. Heroes, true American heroes. These brave people make their way amongst debris and falling structures, fire, and bloodied seas of bodies to rescue people. First responders are an amazing group, and I am so grateful to these courageous people.

Then I thought about us battling the problems in our own lives. I asked myself, “Am I a first responder in my life, or am I a terrorists to my life?” It is a hard-core question to ask oneself.

I gave the question a great deal of thought. This is what I came up with. I think most of us are first responders…in the lives of others. We take care of other’s needs before our own. We put others first instead of putting ourselves first.

If we put others first before us and we do this at a cost to our health and well-being, then we become “terrorists” against ourselves. I know this sounds harsh, but really think about it, and you will see where I am going with this.

First responders are well trained men and women who have put themselves through rigorous drills to handle difficult and tragic situations. They have to eat right and exercise, and the physical and mental training needed to react appropriately in times of crisis comes from intense dedication and discipline.

This may be the job they have chosen, but shouldn’t we apply the same dedication and discipline in our lives every day? If we think about losing weight, getting into shape, and opening our minds to the riches of life available to us when we take care of our health, then we are training our minds to be first responders to us.

By being a first responder to your own life, chances are you will handle crises in your life much better. And you will set an example to those around you as well. When your body and mind is healthy, then your spirit is free to express itself in the most positive way.

Don’t be a “terrorist” to your health and well-being. Be a first responder. Train every day to improve your mind, your spirit, and your body. Eat well and healthy to nourish your body so it can serve you well. Expand your mind and learn constantly. Train yourself to be kind and good to you. Let’s not take our health for granted. Zero tolerance to “terrorism”!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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