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Don’t Be A Sucker For Fad Diets – Future Former Fatty Blog 141

As we stand in line waiting to place our items on the conveyer belt to be rung up by the cashier, we are bombarded by magazines with bold eye-catching headlines professing the answer to losing weight permanently, up to nine pounds a week, without dieting. We look at the line of heads ahead of us wondering if we have time to skim the articles to see if the answer to our weight woes lies between the covers of these mag rags. Is there a new wondrous diet or diet pill or vitamin that will force our bodies to shed the unwanted poundage we suffer with every day? Will it make the difference and succeed where other diets failed us?

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The diet business is a multi-billion dollar business. We scour the earth to find that magic diet, spending fortunes contributing to that billion-dollar business. I know I have tried just about every diet, and I know I told you I own almost every exercise DVD and VHS tape.

Separating fad diets from common sense programs can be very difficult. It seems scientist and diet gurus and nutritionist vary from one to the other as to what is the best program for optimal success. It’s enough to frustrate and confuse a Future Former Fatty.

For instance, fifteen years ago a diet, which touted low fat, low protein, and high healthy carbs as the best and healthiest way to diet and maintain weight loss was popular. It was written by a doctor (I know I have the book somewhere because I tried his plan, of course). I failed miserably. Pasta was a large part of his program as well as lots of fruit and vegetables. By the end of the second week of following the plan to the letter, I had gained seven pounds. So did my best friend.

Remember when everything was going fat free? I’m going to say one word to you, “Snack Wells”. Remember “Snack Well” cookies. Hey Cookie man, my cousin gained a lot of weight eating your cookies by the case because she thought she could eat as much as she wanted of your cookies because they were fat free. Guess what. She didn’t lose weight. Fat free products replaced fat with extra sugar.

Currently, many people are going gluten free. I know many people following gluten free lifestyle who are losing weight. Originally, to me, gluten free meant not eating anything that contains white flour, and that many products may contain gluten as a thickener without our knowledge. Even some salad dressings.

Many of my local supermarkets began to carry a lot of gluten free products. I decided to try some of the products. The rice pasta is awesome, and doesn’t taste as heavy as regular pasta. There were cookies, breads, cakes, and even tortillas. I began to read the labels. I paid attention to four major areas. I read the ingredients. I read the protein and fat content. Lastly, I read the carbohydrate count. I paid attention to the amount of sugar and the amount of fiber per serving of these products.

What I suspected was clearly blaring out at me from the labels. These products were high in carbs, especially sugar carbs. These products could clearly affect blood sugar levels, and one could gain weight if one ate these products freely.

It was clear to me. These products were no healthier really than their gluten counterparts. The only real difference is in their use daily. I went back and read the success stories of people who had lost weight living a gluten free lifestyle. Their success was not only about giving up anything made with flour but also giving up starchy products such as rice and potatoes, and in their giving up of sugary foods. All these success stories lived a low carb lifestyle, which naturally was a gluten free lifestyle. That is why they were successful. Low carbs diets work.

Moral of the story (blog), don’t allow your self to become a diet sucker, sucka. It is easy to give in to the latest supermarket checkout stand fad diet. But truth be told, your are just making someone’s pocket a lot richer.

Aaron’s program makes sense. It is not a “tabloid” diet. It is a program to help you retrain your mindset to a positive and healthy life. Don’t fall for every fad diet that comes along. Use your common sense. Diet Suckas, take a hike!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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