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Don’t Let the Big Goal Overwhelm You Into Failure – Future Former Fatty Blog 139

So we’re frustrated because we aren’t losing weight as fast as we want. Some days we are doing great, while other days we cave into our binge eating. Maybe we start off well in the morning, but we have already blown our program by lunch.

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Then you start thinking, “Why should I bother to diet? I can’t even make it more than a few days. I’ll have two or three days of doing great on my program followed by a week and a half of binging or making bad choices. What’s the use?”

I’ll answer that question. Yes, losing weight can be frustrating, and yes sometimes we are just not in a frame of mind to be as committed as we need to be. Notice I said, “as committed as we need to be” instead of saying as we should be.

The difference is we should always want to take care of our health, but regardless of what we want, we need to take care of our health. And sometimes as much as we want to commit and stick with our program, it can all feel very overwhelming.

Life in itself can be overwhelming and stressful. Add needing to lose weight and get healthy added to everyday responsibilities is killer, especially if we use food to comfort us. So what’s the use?

The use is if we are trying to work our program, then the chances are that we won’t keep gaining weight. And the more aware that we are of our responsibility to take care of our health, the more likelihood we will eventually succeed.

Let’s not allow our failure to lose weight become overwhelming. The bigger the goals we set for us in life, the more likelihood we will fail…unless…unless we accept that changing our mindset takes time. And we need to accept that we may have tough days along the road to reaching our goals.

There’s ways to change the likelihood of failure into the likelihood of success. Simply break it down so that losing weight doesn’t overwhelm you. Like Aaron advocates, small changes for big rewards. Remember that phrase, and say it over and over again until it sinks in. Heck, maybe we should tattoo it across our hand so every time we reach for food for the wrong reason, we see the tattoo and stop.

Sometimes we have to just get through one meal, and then get through the time between that meal and the next meal, and then get through that meal and so forth. Success from moment to moment is just as big and important as success at a larger goal.

I want to lose over one hundred pounds. That number is daunting. Right now, I am not concerned with losing a hundred pounds. I am only worrying about losing five to ten pounds and keeping it off. Once I get those five to ten pounds off, I will concentrate on the next ten pounds, and so forth. Losing any weight and keeping if off is a huge success in my book.

Breaking down any task into smaller pieces makes the work seem less daunting. It’s the same with weight loss and exercise. Two years ago I was walking at least five miles a day. Now, because I have not exercised in so long and am starting to work out again, walking a quarter of a mile can be difficult. But two weeks ago, walking less than a tenth of a mile was exhausting.

I will get back up to five miles or more a day, and I will reach my goal weight. I know it. It is wonderful to lose weight fast and get it off, and if you keep it off, that is even better. But I am not concerned with losing weight fast. I am concerned with eating healthy, moving more and more, not gaining weight, and eventually, the weight will come off.

The bigger goal does not have to bring fear to our hearts. The bigger the challenge, the greater the successes we will enjoy along the way working toward reaching each of those smaller goals. Don’t let the work overwhelm you and hold you back. One minute at a time if that’s what we need to do. We will be healthy! We will reach all our goals! We deserve to succeed because we will put the work into the journey.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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