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Take Up The Challenge! Guest Blog By Antoinette Kuritz

I love reading Linda Wagner’s blogs, love what Aaron has done with www.ultimateweightlossrx.com, and I find myself challenged and inspired by them both to finally commit to getting in shape. Sure, losing about 35 pounds is a part of that, but getting in shape is how I am going to think about it. And what I will be getting in shape is my mind along with my body – because I realized the other day that it is my mind more often than hunger that leads me to grab some food.

Unlike most of you, I am seasoned. Like the euphemism? It means I am 64. And that means that if I don’t get back in shape soon, I will lose the window to do so.

I don’t ever expect to have my twenty-year-old body again. Even my forty-year-old body would be a stretch. But what I do want is a body that will keep up with my mind, and for that I have to lose those few pounds and exercise regularly.

Over the last few months I’ve already lost thirteen pounds. And then I plateaued. I didn’t regress, I just stopped. And no, it didn’t happen because I am an older woman and our decreased hormones keep us from losing weight. I plateaued because I started eating too much again – more than was necessary if I wanted to keep losing. That’s what we all do.

I am tired of hearing that women over forty should expect to put on three to five pounds a year; that once hormones deplete weight necessarily goes up. I am tired of hearing that we expect too much of ourselves if we expect to be physically fit. And most important, I am tired of buying into the rhetoric as an excuse for being a bit plump. I love my job, but my hours are long and there are a lot of deadlines associated with it, so I tend to find excuses to sit too long and to alleviate being pent-up with snacks. That just stopped.

The joy of being over 60 is that your filters fall away. So here’s the unfiltered truth. While a few overweight women may have some physical ailment keeping them overweight, for the majority of us it is a matter of eating too much, moving too little; a matter of making a decision NOT to get in shape. It’s too much work, my knees hurt, my back is out, I have too many family/work obligations, I just can’t find the time…sound familiar. Every excuse we make adds an inch or two to our asses.

So, alongside Linda, more than ten years my junior, I commit to losing weight. Five pounds at a time. Starting today.

Right now I am a lose size 12. By July 4 I will be a lose size 10. And between now and then, despite two family birthdays for which I will make dinners and bake the cakes, despite a long-weekend family wedding that would put ten pounds on an anorexic, and despite an upcoming 45th wedding anniversary trip in the southeast US that will be fraught with great food, I will lose a minimum of ten pounds. And I will do it by eating small portions of good food, indulging periodically, and moving and exercising every day. By August 4 I will be a lose size 8. And we will see where it goes from there. I am small-boned, so a size six really is not an unrealistic goal.

Any of you younger women out there ready to join me and Linda prove that women can get in shape at any age?


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