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Aliens Amongst Us – Future Former Fatty Blog 146

I am veering off the weight loss path with this blog. I can’t help it. I have noticed something that has got me a bit spooked. Pointy ears. There are people amongst us with pointy alien looking ears.

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This began with a credit card commercial on television starring Samuel L. Jackson. I noticed he had very pointy ears. His ears were so pointy that I was distracted to really listen to the commercial.

I’m not talking about a little bit of a point as some people were born with. Pointy ears are actually a recessive trait. But, recessive from what origin.

I think humans are not the only being in the universe. How could we be? Is it because we are the first being created and there are no other beings out there? Can’t be. There are universes and galaxies and planets far older than Earth. We can’t be the only planet with life.

Yes, I am saying it. Samuel L. Jackson (whom I love his acting) might be an alien from another planet. This is not a bad thing. He has been on Earth for many years and nothing untoward has happened (that we know of as of yet or can trace back to him).

Another I suspect of being an alien due to her pointy ears is Gholnesa (GG) Gharachedaghi from the reality show “Shahs of Sunset” on Bravo T.V. GG definitely has pointy ears, and have you seen the way she behaves? No Iranian in their right mind would behave as she does on the show. She drinks too much (a huge Moslem no-no) and her anger is out of this world. There I said it.

There are others around us. They have assimilated into our world well. They only thing that gives them away are their pointy ears. I wonder if we stripped off their human masks what we would find beneath.

Upon doing research for this blog, I read many reports from people who have been abducted by aliens. The one common denominator was the description of very benevolent beings coming here to help humanity. If this is true, then why is GG so angry? Possibly because she can’t get back to her mother ship, and is on standby to go home? Who knows?

Keep your eyes open. Be alert. And if you are an alien, you might want to do a bit of plastic surgery so you fit in better. We don’t want your ears to give you away.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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