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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 138: Aaron Snyder Is Brilliant!

I submitted my blogs to Aaron Snyder recently, and God bless him, Aaron picked up something in one of my blogs and gave me insight that lit a realization within me.

What I Was Saying

I was sharing with you a lot of negative feelings I was having about myself because I really come down hard on myself especially because I am an emotional eater. Being an emotional eater leads me to eat when I am in an emotional crisis, which leads me to feel bad for eating, especially because I eat poorly in these moments.

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What Aaron Snyder Observed

Aaron Snyder told me he is no longer an emotional eater when once upon a time he had been. He declared himself a causative eater. When he indulges in foods he normally steers clear of, it is by choice. And so he doesn’t beat himself up about it.

When he feels he wants to eat just because, before he lets himself go for it, he analyzes what is the driving force behind the reason he wants to eat. Then he comes up with ways to combat those forces so in the future, he is prepared and doesn’t succumb to eating without a positive purpose.

He e-mailed me two sentences that made so much sense. Pay attention. This could be a life changing moment in combating the world of compulsive eating.

  1. We can control what happens to us somewhat.

  2. We can control our responses to that completely.

My Realization

Awesome isn’t it. Really take it in and think about it. Binge eaters like to be in control. When we are not, we are overwhelmed.

Aaron Snyder is brilliant. He is here to help us. He wants us to succeed, and not for any reason other than because he has been in our shoes. He knows how we feel because he has gone through what we are going through and come out the other side. He knows the liberation of taking control of your life and living a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s work to practice causative eating. Let’s remind ourselves and repeat the two sentences above so that they sink in so deeply that before we give in to binge eating, we examine the reason behind the want to overeat. Then let’s be prepared to have on hand the foods that will help us succeed, the sleep we need

to rejuvenate us, and the exercise that will keep our bodies strong and our minds swimming in endorphins.

Aaron Snyder is brilliant. Thanks Aaron for being in my corner and the corner of your members. We need a good coach to get us through. Your invaluable insight based on your own journey will lead us to the road of recovery. I am grateful to have you on my side.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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