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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 134: Be A Gold Medalist Winner At Weight Loss

The winter Olympics have begun! My favorite events are the figure skating programs. Ice dancing, solos, pairs, all of them – I just can’t get enough of.

As I watched the games, I started thinking about the how much dedication, discipline, and sacrifice it takes for skaters to become Olympic gold medalists. This led me to wonder if I approached my life as an athlete working to become an Olympic gold medalist, would I make it?

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Hell no! Not the way I’m going. Unless binge eating becomes a sport, fat chance of my becoming even a beginner athlete.

If I want to become a champion at weight loss, I need to learn to dedicate myself to my health. I need to discipline myself, to eat healthy, and make time every day to exercise, and to meditate.

What am I willing to sacrifice if I train like an athlete at the sport of weight loss? I would sacrifice eating food low in nutrition, i.e. junk food. I would sacrifice keeping the cushion of my Lazy Boy recliner warm every time I got my big fat fanny off the cushion and started exercising. I would sacrifice spending money on food I know will not serve my future former fatty self well.

Let’s continue. I would sacrifice feeling like a failure at weight loss in order to feel like a winner at weight loss. I would have to sacrifice depression, anger, and frustration with myself to have a healthy positive outlook.

My goodness; no wonder I haven’t trained myself to succeed at weight loss. Look how much I‘d have to sacrifice. Wait! Wait! I have to absorb all this.

So I’d have to trade junk food for healthy food. I’d have to trade being a couch potato for becoming an exercise fiend. I’d have to trade depression and frustration about my body for a positive energetic outlook and body. What have I been waiting for! It seems pretty obvious.

Figure skaters practice every day, for at least an hour twice a day, plus they take private lessons, plus ballet and dance classes. They follow a very healthy diet which includes good sources of protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, and healthy grains.

You won’t catch figure skaters making excuses to not practice. No junk food for them. If they have a bad day, figure skaters don’t quit. They don’t drown their frustrations with chocolate or a whole bag of potato chips. No, instead they work out even more, and get even better, and more in tune with their healthier bodies. All this to stand on a podium in front of the world proving they are the best in their sport.

What am I doing? I am writing about how I am the best at being a true fatty. Is this really the sport at which I want to excel?

So, you know as well as I do, if you want to be the best at anything, you have to dedicate yourself, discipline yourself, and keep working at it. If we are to lose weight and really get in shape, we have to practice like we are an Olympian wanna-bes every day. We can’t give in or give up to cravings and to binge eating. The gold medal standard in our lives is a healthy body. Stand on the podium of life and be responsible to set an example to beating compulsive eating. I need your help, and I hope I help you too.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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