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My Valentine Special: 12 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Blowing Your Diet

Love is in the air. Valentine’s day is approaching, and I hope you have someone special in your life to celebrate with, and if not, I have some ideas for you too. Valentine’s day is usually celebrated with chocolates and fancy dinners. There’s nothing wrong with chocolate and fancy dinners, except when you are trying to avoid killer calories.

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I have come up with some ideas that you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day whether you have special someone or not, and the best part of all, you won’t gain an ounce and will be able to stick with your program to get healthier.

  1. Forget fancy calorie heavy expensive dinners. Instead, make a meal you can pack and take on a picnic to one of your favorite scenic spots. I love the beach, so my husband and I are planning a romantic picnic at the beach. We are reading love poems to each other. I am planning a healthy meal that is not labor intensive and not difficult to pack. Easy, laid back, and romantic. If you catch us making out, keep walking.
  2. If you are single and have a single friend, go on a scavenger hunt together for a “new friend”. Make a list such as you have to find a guy wearing a tie with red in it, or someone wearing Valentine socks or other Valentine accessories. How about the person in the room with the biggest hair, or best smile, or bluest, or greenest, or hazelest, or brownest eyes. After you make your list, head out to a favorite hangout spot and start collecting “new friends” with the items on your list. You might meet the man or woman of your dreams. At the very least, you will make some of the people out part of the party.
  3. Take a class together such as pottery or ceramics, or a cooking class.
  4. How about a discovery adventure where you set out to discover places in your city you both have wanted to explore but never have seen yet.
  5. Take 3×5 note cards and plaster your walls in your house with Valentine sayings. My husband and I do this on occasion. I have saved every card.
  6. Buy a pack children’s Valentine cards and tape them all over the house. Then play the game “Hot or Cold” as your mate has to find each card. When all cards are found (the last one should be stuck on your body somewhere), then your mate wins the prize. You!
  7. Be your partner’s slave for the day or the evening. Do things to make their day easier. Make their meals, pick up after them, massage their tootsies, and let them know how much you appreciate all they do for you.
  8. Draw a romantic bath surrounded by candles. Have soft music playing in the background, and then soak, talk, and enjoy each other.
  9. Take an exercise class together and work up a sweat. Then shower together.
  10. Make a romantic low calorie love feast for your special someone. Have romantic candles burning and music playing. Then slow dance naked in your living room.
  11. Give each other a massage. Use scented oils, have nice music playing. Relax and enjoy each other.
  12. If you are single, get together with your friends and go to a real mushy movie or invite them over for a real mushy movie. Then laugh and cry and make fun of yourselves for laughing and crying over mushy movies. Then enjoy the fact you have great friends to do this with and laugh some more.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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