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Future Former Fatty Blog 133: You Can Never Be Too Thin (Or Can You)

Most people would not ask you about your sex life, religion, or how much you earn each year, but have no problem commenting on how fat or thin you look.

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Recently a young woman was the winning contestant on the hit television show “The Biggest Loser”. She made national headlines because some feel she lost too much weight. Can you be too thin is the question?

Five foot four inch tall Rachel Frederickson shed one hundred and fifty-five pounds going from two hundred sixty pounds down to one hundred and five pounds with a BMI of eighteen which is considered below a healthy level for women. Many people are very vocal about her weight loss feeling she is not at a healthy weight.

Critics state Rachel’s face is too gaunt, and she looked better heavier. Others counter with feelings that Rachel looks fine. And some even have rudely made comments that given some time, Rachel will gain her weight back, and she should to take the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and buy herself a few McDonalds’ Big Macs.

Hey people! What’s wrong with you? When I read or hear people criticize those who have worked so hard to shed weight I just want to scream at them to shut the heck up.

Usually these comments come from people who have never dealt with obesity issues. There are some people that just hate and discriminate against fat people. They just don’t get it! I have had people look at me with disdain, and accuse me of having no will power, or not include me in events, or tell me they are embarrassed by my weight.

Ironically, when I lost two hundred and fifty pounds after gastric by-pass surgery, many people told me I was too thin, my face too gaunt, and that I should gain some weight back. Many of these people were some of the same people that got on my case for being too fat.

People, what’s wrong with you. Of course after drastic weight loss people are going to look a bit gaunt, especially when you are used to seeing a fuller and fatter face. But as your body readjusts to the weight loss, your face changes as well to a healthier look.

The painful struggle in dealing with weight issues and food issues, and this includes anorexics and bulimics, not just compulsive binge eaters, is emotionally crippling. These food issues people suffer with are not just issues. Eating disorders are diseases, both medical and psychological. People are suffering with true physiological unbalances.

For all of us that suffer from eating disorders, it is not a question of being too thin or too fat. The question you should ask yourself is, are you happy with your body? Do you feel healthy? Does your physician feel you are at a healthy weight? Is your mind sending signals to you that you are healthy? Be honest and objective and work with your doctor.

You know, after I had gastric by-pass surgery I had a visit with my surgeon. He was pleased with my weight loss. At that time I had lost almost two hundred fifty pounds. I was weighing in around one hundred eighty-five, give or take. At that appointment, I expressed my frustration because I wasn’t losing weight anymore. I had wanted to lose another twenty-five to thirty pounds.

My surgeon sat me down and showed me why he was very happy with my weight loss. He looked at my blood work. My numbers told my surgeon that I was a healthy woman. He also expressed that I would probably not lose any more weight. He also stated I had approximately twenty- to thirty pounds of excess skin on me. Should I have reconstructive surgery to remove my excess skin, the weight I wanted to lose would be gone due to removing excess skin. In other words, I didn’t have to get stick thin to be healthy, which was what was most important.

To Rachel, I wish you well. I pray you will be able to maintain your weight loss. Don’t listen to anyone about how you look unless they are telling you that you are your fabulous self, just thinner. Go girl!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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