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Future Former Fatty Blog 128: New Medical Breakthrough-Brown Fat May Help Our Weight Loss

I just read an interesting article by Melinda Wenner on a new breakthrough discovered by scientist that may create that magic pill we have been hoping for to help us achieve weight loss. The scientist is Aaron Cypress, an endocrinologist, who, along with other scientists, discovered that brown fat, a fat thought only to be in small children and young mice and disappearing in adulthood, does exist in adults.

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The power of brown fat is that it burns energy far more than white fat. It is found normally in the neck and chest. It produces enzymes, making a protein known as PRDM-16. These enzymes are far more efficient at burning energy, and a very small amount, a few ounces, can burn three hundred to five hundred more calories a day than burning the energy from white fat.

Interestingly enough, studies show that brown fat works more efficiently when we are cold. A study was done with a group of people in Sweden where they were put into a cold room with light clothing and intermittently soaked their feet in cold ice water over a two-hour period. These people burned fifteen times more calories than people in normal room temperature.

No one wants to be in a cold room, putting our feet in ice water for two hours a day. But the article does suggest that when it is cold outside, get out there and work out. Hike, play, shovel snow if you live in that climate, and you will be firing up the brown fat in your body to burn excessive calories.

These scientists have found a correlation between bone growth and brown fat. The protein BMP-7 produced by bones may increase the production of brown fat. And in thin people, they have shown to have more brown fat production than fat people who have more white visceral fat production. Increasing brown fat production in obese people may actually help them burn more calories a day.

Tests are being done on spinal surgery patients, giving patients BMP-7 protein to see if brown fat production can be increased. If results are positive, scientist believe they will be years ahead in finding a brown fat weight loss pill.

The article even suggests there is a possible exercise pill in the future that will produce the same effects of burning calories. When we exercise, we produce the hormones leptin and insulin, which aid us in burning more calories. Melinda Wenner’s article is very interesting and gives us hope that scientists may find helpful medication for those of us that suffer from binge eating.

The bottom line is that we can do much on our own to overcome the blocks in the roadmap of our bodies and our genetics. If we have a history of obesity and binge eating, simple things such as getting outdoors in the sun, exercising, and even lowering the thermostat in our homes will produce the hormones needed to helps lose weight. If you hate regular exercise, get outside and take a brisk walk on a cool evening. Living in San Diego gives us limited cold weather, but don’t let that be another excuse.

Hopefully, we can overcome our addiction to food without pills, but I am in favor of anything that will help us. It is so hard to have the tendency to be a natural fatty. It is just as hard if you have always been thin and have gained some weight and are struggling to lose that weight. We need as much science in this area to help humanity. Remember thirty-four percent of all Americans are obese. That is a lot of fat people, which means a lot of health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. More power to the scientists!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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